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(computer science) the interval between the time data is requested by the system and the time the data is provided by the drive

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Comparing previous methods with this new technology, all access times for all data in periods of normal access were set against an average.
After we installed Diskeeper on his workstation, access times for these huge documents dropped from about 12 seconds to less than five seconds.
The technology behind AIT tape provides a very practical and attractive storage alternative--it's very affordable tape technology that has access times (less than 30 seconds to a file) that make it a real alternative to active disk storage in many applications.
The current generation of E-Disk solid state disk devices provide up to 12,500 random IOPS and access times as low as .
This leaves a major access time gap between online disk with access times in the range of ten to twenty ms.
The rollout of PSS' breakthrough low-power solution comes just three months after the company began shipping another industry first -- an ultra high-speed flash memory featuring random access times of less than 20ns, the fastest 1 Mb random-accessible flash memory in the world.
I do have some concerns because capacities are increasing faster than access times and I wonder how much data ought to hang out on a single spindle.
The M29W320D is available in versions with 70ns asynchronous random access times and comes in 12x20mm TSOP48 or 6x11mm TFBGA 48 (0.
The NAS-250 will deliver 4x to 10x better access times than typical NAS devices.
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