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(computer science) the interval between the time data is requested by the system and the time the data is provided by the drive

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Sidense's antifuse-based OTP NVM technology offers ultra-low power, small area NVM IP with read access times as fast as 10 nanoseconds.
Each access was then registered, and, through the University Server, at the end of each semester, professors could count the number of access times performed by each student and, thus, ascertain whether there was a correlation between the highest number of access times on the Moodle platform and the better academic performance, measured by their tests grade.
Table 4 shows correlation between access times for SNS community and the relevant satisfaction level.
Comparison was done for both the groups for access time (Skin-to-vein) and its complication like pneumothorax, haemothorax, arterial bleeding, haematoma, number of attempts, thrombosis and malposition.
This automates what had previously been a manual approach for dealing with popularity spikes, and can limit slowdowns in access times. The new technology applies to distributed object storage*, and in test cases of access concentrations on the Internet, has been proven to ease those concentrations by approximately 70%, resulting in an improvement in access times of tenfold or greater.
He claims the partnership between Atos Origin and SAP will help them to "cut overall client management costs and improve market access times by taking advantage of existing investment in solutions developed by the two companies".
Even the earliest of these historic subsystems were capable of access times of less than 10 seconds and capacities of more than 100GB.
'Courses would be set up for different types of boats with start times arranged to suit harbour access times.
Although other types of nonvolatile memory are increasingly available--for instance, the flash memory in a digital camera--such storage options typically cost more per bit and hold less data than disks do or have slow access times.
Crutes says the new cabling has cut down significantly on data access times, enabling staff to access information more rapidly, increasing overall efficiency within the office environment.
The machine has a high-speed two position turntable, which is fitted with two four-position rotating part fixtures to allow the highest work access times, by allowing parts to be picked of placed while the machine is in operation.
Hard-disk drives provide high-capacity (greater than 100 gigabytes) and moderate access times in an affordable package but, like RAM, are neither removable nor archival, even though in recent years the swap-out capability of drives and media has lead to a change in thinking about the removability of hard disk systems.
Other features of the M29DW640D include 25ns or 30ns page-read access times, optional 12V fast programming, five fast-program commands, and a 256-Byte extended memory block for storing security or other information.
Initial access times are 70ns and clock access times are 12ns, with page access times at 20ns.
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