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(computer science) the interval between the time data is requested by the system and the time the data is provided by the drive

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We notice that the write speeds as well as the write access times are the same across all three runs.
The new technology applies to distributed object storage*, and in test cases of access concentrations on the Internet, has been proven to ease those concentrations by approximately 70%, resulting in an improvement in access times of tenfold or greater.
When online, access time to data on tape is typically several seconds vs.
Hard drives have 10 times faster average access time than CD-ROMs and therefore accelerate performance significantly in the multiuser environment.
Certainly, the faster access time will be very desirable compared to disk or tape, with compression rates as great as they are and the durability of MRAM devices, but more complex technologies would be required to meet the capacity demands of the mass storage universe.
Even at these aggressively increasing transfer rates and moderately decreasing access times, CD-ROMs will remain an order of magnitude behind current hard disks on both counts.
In long-term data retention, raw access time becomes less important and data authenticity and trust-worthiness, timely access to data and low Total Cost of Ownership come to the forefront.
Tape is notorious for slow file access times, but what is acceptable on low-capacity, single drive tapes becomes impossible as per tape capacity rises or when tape drives are integrated into robotic tape libraries.
End users will immediately notice the smooth motion video NEC CD-ROM drives deliver with MultiSpin technology, fast access times and a 64K cache memory.
After we installed Diskeeper on his workstation, access times for these huge documents dropped from about 12 seconds to less than five seconds.
The technology behind AIT tape provides a very practical and attractive storage alternative--it's very affordable tape technology that has access times (less than 30 seconds to a file) that make it a real alternative to active disk storage in many applications.
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