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(chemistry) in the formation of a coordinate bond it is the compound to which electrons are donated

the person (or institution) who accepts a check or draft and becomes responsible for paying the party named in the draft when it matures

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Eight of the Champion acceptors are Irish-trained, with the Mullins-trained Laurina joined in the line-up by stable-companions Melon and Sharjah.
The other three races of the day have seven acceptors apiece.
The approach to alternate the blocks donors and acceptors in the skeleton of these oligomers offers good optoelectronic properties and photovoltaic for the systems studied.
17 May 2018 - US-based mergers and acquisitions advisor Generational Equity's client, US-based truck bodies maker Clover M Enterprises, LLC dba Riechers Truck Bodies and Equipment Co., has been sold to Coin Acceptors, Inc., the company said.
There are few metal-free sensitizers featuring a 9,10-disubsituted anthracene entity as a conjugated spacer between electron donor and acceptor moieties, and the best PCE is 7.03% [30-33].
The John Gosden-trained Journey, Roger Varian's Nezwaah and the Sir Michael Stoute-trained Smart Call, who ran fourth in the Duke Of Cambridge Stakes at Royal Ascot, are the British-trained acceptors.
The data was analyzed and presented descriptively in percentages, graphs, distribution tables and rate to show trend (2009-2014), coverage (2012-2014), rate of new acceptors (2012-2014), new and continuing acceptors (2009-2014), contraceptive methods accessed by districts & region (2009-2014), contraceptive method accessed by months 2012-2014 and age categories of acceptors (2012-2014).
?According to the PHO Family Planning Coordinator Dolores T e-elan, 260 of the new acceptors are using the Natural Family Planning - Lactational Amenorrhea Method (NFP - LAM), 85 are practicing the NFP - Cervical Mucos Method, 54 are taking in pills, 16 are using condom, and three are following the Standard Days Method.
As the incorporation of donors or acceptors shifts the Fermi energy, spontaneous formation of these charged defects acts to compensate the prevailing conductivity in ZnO.
The useful complementary redox materials were electron acceptors and include such compounds as, for example, phenyl-hydroquinone, fluorenones, fluorenes, carbazoles that are poly-nitro substituted, and benzene compounds substituted with electron withdrawing groups [17].
One hundred and seventy-four (72.5 percent) of the interviewees were classified as handbill acceptors, and 66 (27.5 percent) were classified as handbill nonacceptors.
The workflow then triggers notification e-mails to the acceptors, certifiers, or pay officials, depending on the type of invoice.
Coin Acceptors, Inc., headquartered in Missouri, designs, manufactures, and services coin-accepting machines such as vending machines, video games, and self-check-out services such as machines at transit companies.
A quartet of Richard Hannon trained-horses headed the 29 acceptors for Saturday's Weatherbys Super Sprint at yesterday's acceptance stage.