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the act of delivering a writ or summons upon someone

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Despite repeated demands from the DAR to account for the funds, the ombudsman said the respondents failed to submit any supporting documents such as liquidation reports, list of beneficiaries and certificates of acceptance of services or of the finished projects.
While social media was quickly accepted and became a huge worldwide phenomenon - the uptake and acceptance of services such as online and mobile shopping, B2B networks, government portals and so on was slow and met with distrust.
In the context of port visits this includes doing the proper prior planning for the port visit, only ordering via Logistics Requisition (LOGREQ) what the ship truly needs and conducting receipt, inspection, and acceptance of services and goods on Husbanding Service Provider (HSP) invoices in a comprehensive, documented manner.
The agency has issued standards of ethics regarding collaboration with external entities and governmentwide standards apply to the acceptance of services provided free of charge.
Acceptance of services also assumes, of course, that the individual is aware of the available services and has an understanding of their potential value, again often a matter of economic sophistication rather than of cultural background (Acosta, Yamamoto, Evans, & Skilbeck, 1983; Vargas-Willis & Cervantes, 1987).
These issues concerned necessary controls to ensure (1) undelivered orders balances were calculated accurately, (2)receipt and acceptance of services provided or goods delivered was completed and documented prior to payment, (3) amounts were accurately recorded for goods received or services rendered but not yet paid at the end of an accounting period, and (4) costs were properly classified and recorded.
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