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Synonyms for risk

stand a chance of




Synonyms for risk

a possibility of danger or harm

exposure to possible harm, loss, or injury

a venture depending on chance

to expose to possible loss or damage

to subject to danger or destruction

to put up as a stake in a game or speculation

to run the risk of

Synonyms for risk

a venture undertaken without regard to possible loss or injury

the probability of becoming infected given that exposure to an infectious agent has occurred

the probability of being exposed to an infectious agent

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This is a fact that always needs to be considered when looking at what is or isn't acceptable risk when it comes to sharps safety.
For the Kremer family that acceptable risk went terribly wrong when little Brad Kremer, just 18 months old, plunged from a hotel balcony in Sardinia.
From a business point of view then, it becomes an acceptable risk to cut back on the level of cover at a fire station at a time when it appears not to be needed.
The latter would have been entirely legal, and, frankly, an acceptable risk if there was no better option.
Shepherd: Acceptable risk is tweaking a successful show.
Manages ONS investments, along with the Board and other advisors, to attain targeted return at acceptable risk
The bank - which said Mr Kerr's resignation was unrelated to the move - claimed the customers had a "higher than acceptable risk profile".
It claimed the customers, who represent 7% of its 2m credit cardholders, had a "higher than acceptable risk profile".
CA GRC Manager is reportedly the industry's only visual portfolio-based solution, which helps companies organise and prioritise how they will stay in compliance and be under acceptable risk thresholds for the least amount of labour.
Using case studies from such situations as the European BSE crisis he considers the current debates on food governance, including the safety of genetically modified foods, the real conceptual framework behind the global flow of food, what governments actually do in managing food supplies and quality, the changing perceptions of acceptable risk, the ability to increase and maintain sustainability, and the increasing importance of labeling.
The standard does not define acceptable risk levels; therefore, top management has a pivotal role.
The spread and escalation of hostilities against oil and gas facilities and the work forces charged with the construction, maintenance and operation of these facilities have led Willbros to conclude that the commercial and operating risks associated with doing business in Nigeria exceed acceptable risk levels.
Another factor in defining acceptable risk levels relates to the healthcare worker's specialty.
If we were to limit our pathologic examination of breast tissue to breast reduction patients older than 40, we would fail to identify 20% of moderate to high risk pathology, which is simply not an acceptable risk," Stueber contends.
He comes across as unbendingly single-minded, never heedless of his crew's safety, but often pushing the limit of acceptable risk.