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Synonyms for diacritic

a mark added to a letter to indicate a special pronunciation

capable of distinguishing


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"Navajo has some accent marks that do not exist anywhere in the world except other Athabaskan languages," said Reeves, who teaches computer science.
vii of the chorus and orchestra volume discussed above, for example) this preface announces that "the articulation marks of dot and stroke will uniformly be reproduced as droplet-shaped staccato marks" except "strokes that are without any doubt to be understood as accent marks," which will then "be given as wedges" (my trans.).
Although it drew on a wide range of thinkers, Jewish tradition was shortchanged, as symbolized by the omission of the biblical accent marks (trope), which are used for the Bible's ritual chanting, and the minimization of the traditional Sabbath lections (parashot).
How to get those accent marks into your correspondence ...
For example, one finds letters transposed, producing silly spelling mistakes (nouz for nous, legalopsychoz for megalopsychos, and so on), and impossible accentuation (foreign language accents are used and accent marks find their way over consonants).
But beware - a poorly translated business card, or incorrect accent marks, can quickly mar any good impression you're trying to create.
You feel inferior to the "nice" people who live in your neighbourhood and think that your accent marks you out as such.
I have, in the interest of readability modernized slightly the spelling, introduced accent marks, separated words, and expanded the majority of the abbreviations.