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Synonyms for diacritic

a mark added to a letter to indicate a special pronunciation

capable of distinguishing


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A few forms are transcribed with colons after long vowels and accent marks over stressed vowels, e.
Specifically, they provide enhanced Western European language handling for precise translation, allowing for straightforward matching of words using accent marks in restricted party lists, and accommodates other languages, including those requiring double-byte (as many Asian languages do), ultimately improving accuracy in screening.
Catherine Greschner painstakingly types out a college French assignment, checking the spelling and the accent marks.
1 of the iType font engine introduces Monotype Imaging's Fonts in a Box[TM] technology, which enables the full display of characters with extended attributes including accent marks and descenders, such as the lowercase y.
Note to Editors: There should be accent marks over the "a" and the first and fourth "e" in the word "Szekesfehervar" above.
NOTE TO EDITORS: In the product name "Protege" there are accent marks above the letter "e.
In the first edition, Do laid out every story and inked accent marks over each accented word by hand.
Note to Editors: In the text above, there are accent marks on the first, second and third "e's" in the word "Pitie-Salpetriere.