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an instrument for measuring the acceleration of aircraft or rockets

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Ideally, accelerometers are placed at a certain distance.
The ADXL356 and ADXL357 MEMS accelerometers are the latest examples of high performance sensor technology from Analog Devices that provides high-quality data for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and enables intelligent sensing from the edge of the network.
The AAA545 series of solid-state accelerometers measures vector acceleration over the range of [+ or -]2g to [+ or -]500g with [less than or equal to]0.
Accelerometers are also used for systems of monitoring, which can include also optical fibers (Antunes, 2012).
The aims of the present study were to examine the ability of GPS-imbedded accelerometers 1) to assess stride variables and vertical stiffness and 2) to detect stride asymmetries during running.
Accelerometers are very precise, but cost more than $1,000 each, and a single accelerometer only measures a single point along a structure.
Three-axis accelerometers supplied for the consumer market are typically calibrated by the sensor manufacturer using a six-element linear model comprising a gain and offset in each of the three axes.
The new accelerometer is said to be Kistler's most accurate and repeatable low impedance, back-to-back, vibration calibration standard and features low base strain, long-term and thermal stability and high frequency response.
With this design, technicians can mix and match between different threaded accelerometers and mounting receptacles.
a PCB Group Company, is pleased to introduce its newest product the USB ICPDigital[TM] Dynamic Accelerometer (model 333D01).
For definition of the harmonic content of the accelerometers signal the power spectral density P has been calculated.
The researchers focused specifically on the accelerometer, a sensor that tracks three-dimensional movements of the phone - essential for countless applications, including pedometers, sleep monitoring, mobile gaming - but their findings suggest that other sensors could leave equally unique fingerprints.
The systems based on accelerometers obtain the kinematics of lower limbs along a reference framework through acceleration in the body segments; the accelerometers fixed on body segments reflect the intensity and frequency in the movements (CHE-CHANG; YEH-LIANG, 2010).
In this study, we used commercially available accelerometers and a custom software algorithm to classify the movements and body postures of persons with transtibial amputation.
MEMS accelerometers can output different kinds of interrupt signals like data ready, freefall, portrait/landscape, single-click/double-click, and impact detection, etc.