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an instrument for measuring the acceleration of aircraft or rockets

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'We created a piezoresistive NEMS accelerometer that is dramatically smaller than any MEMS accelerometers available today, but retains the sensitivity these systems require.'
After 3 1/2 years, each daily hour of light activity (on the accelerometer) was linked to a 20 percent lower risk of a heart attack and a 10 percent lower risk of any cardiovascular event (like stroke, heart failure, or angioplasty).
A team of researchers from Imperial College London and photonics firm M Squared have demonstrated the UK's first commercially viable, transportable and standalone quantum accelerometer.
The vendor offers various charge amplifiers to support the launch of these new accelerometers. PCB Piezotronics Inc.,
Lord a Colvin [3] studied the causes and consequences of falls in seniors, tried to prevent falls and proposed the use of a fall detection accelerometer. The first prototype fall detector was developed in 1998.
Accelerometers have been worn on a variety of anatomical positions, but most often worn on the hip or wrist, with the latter being the most common due to its high acceptability to study participants [7-9].
At all distances in which accelerometers are placed, vibration can be detected.
With more electronics being packed into accelerometers, they are becoming more sensitive to environmental factors like temperature.
Besides typical measurements of acceleration related to vibration or motion, another basic application of accelerometers is tilt measurements [7].
This article expands on that work with differences on the following: (1) correction method for both single accelerometer and multiple accelerometers cases are discussed; (2) experiments validation, analysis, and discussions are supplemented except for numerical case study.
In this system, 3-axis digital accelerometers were used for the measurement of head position.
There are many ways to carry out measurements of the inertial response of three-axis accelerometers [1-5].
Their most common applications include: accelerometers, sensors of pressure, chemical sensors, flow sensors, as well as optical scanners and pumps of flow.