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a valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine

(chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected

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Whereas previous experiments demonstrated the principle behind wakefield accelerators, the energy of the electrons wasn't uniform enough for precision research, says Wim P.
Tbe structure of all the accelerators including TEBA used in the study are given in table 1.
Our customers are now able to support even more advanced applications than before by utilizing the fastest search accelerators on the market today," said Thomas Eklund, vice president of business development and EMEA sales at Xelerated.
Figure 1 shows the ODR torque difference results for the different accelerators used in this study.
University Medical Center, doctors are preparing to install a newly designed accelerator that will open up proton therapy to many more patients.
The new IDT network search accelerator works synergistically to offload classification and forwarding lookups, helping Chesapeake realize its industry-leading 40Gbps performance.
7), four pyridazine derivatives were synthesized and proved to be useful as vulcanization accelerators.
In the accelerator, the magnetically guided and focused electron and positron beams, racing at nearly the speed of light, are squeezed down to less than the width of a human hair before the particles collide.
The Accelerator 7940 is a full featured, 2U rack-mounted high-end appliance with support for large numbers of remote sites.
Physicists who want to study the way quarks behave inside the nucleus are waiting for the construction of a powerful yet precise new electron accelerator in Newport News, Va.
Customers using Alacritech Accelerators with native support for netBoot/i software receive a number of benefits from the iSCSI boot solution including:
The Expand Accelerators deliver multiple, scalable optimization services as part of the C2OTM terminal equipment design.
Established in 1962, SLAC has won numerous awards including three Nobel prizes in physics while pursuing its mission to design, construct and operate state-of-the-art electron accelerators and related experimental facilities for high-energy physics and synchrotron radiation research.
Managing WAN Accelerators over Servers- Expand's WAN Accelerators are packaged with a centralized management tool that auto-configures, monitors and reports on Accelerators deployed across the distributed network.
The company's Accelerators take Application Traffic Management to the next level by employing a modular and intelligent application architecture that eliminates complexities associated with traditional traffic management solutions.