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Synonyms for acceleration

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Synonyms for acceleration

the act of accelerating

(physics) a rate of increase of velocity

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government ''rigorously examined'' nine Toyota vehicles driven by consumers who complained of unintended acceleration for possible flaws, but did not find any glitch in the manufacturer's electronic control system.
Figure 2 shows that the accelerations under three guidance laws are limited to 160 m/[s.sup.2].
Compared with the traditional method, the times of sliding episodes and increment of sliding displacement in one sliding episode presented in the modified Newmark sliding displacement analyses are bigger because of the lower time history critical acceleration. It implies that the modified method predicts a sliding episode, whereas the traditional analysis predicts dam slope stability, as the value of driving acceleration lies between the two critical accelerations.
A load application included installation constraints, which exerted forces and accelerations. Based on the installation condition of the 12-DOF force and acceleration sensor, all the DOF, of the sensormounting pedestal's installation surface, were set to 0.
The postulate is claimed to have been shown to be true for accelerations of ~[10.sup.16]g in a Mossbauer spectroscopy experiment by Kundig [5] and of ~[10.sup.18]g in Bailey et al's muon experiment [2], which uses rotational motion of particles to generate the acceleration--one obtains the quoted acceleration for a particle velocity close to the speed of light.
[x.sub.[??]], [y.sub.[??]], and [z.sub.[??]] are used to denote the triaxial accelerations in smartphone's coordinate system, and [x.sub.[??]], [y.sub.[??]], and [z.sub.[??]] are used to denote triaxial accelerations in inertial coordinate system, because the acceleration vector A is unique, so they satisfy
WLTC is more of the same--slow accelerations, no hills, plus 20[degrees]C start temperature.
These lenders assert that they can refile a second foreclosure after any dismissal by simply alleging any new default date within the limitations period without analysis of whether 1) a valid new default in fact occurred; 2) contractual accelerations or decelerations in fact occurred, and if so, how many and by what method; or 3) the prior foreclosure action was dismissed voluntarily or involuntarily.
[5] have pointed out the importance of accelerations for the quantification of high-intensity actions, as acceleration requires large amounts of metabolic power despite being performed at low velocities.
(4) The response acceleration amplification coefficient of clay layer is close to 1.0 at less than 0.161 g loading acceleration, and it is slightly more than 1.0 at 0.252 g and 0.325 g loading accelerations.
The actual accelerations that show the maneuvers of the target in the Scenario 1 and Scenario 2 are described in Figure 2 and Figure 4, respectively.
(2006) Reliability of segmental accelerations measured using a new wireless gait analysis system.
Cleveland, OH, April 08, 2016 --( Acceleration Systems, a cloud-based bandwidth optimization and acceleration company, and System Care, an Ohio managed IT service provider, today announced a new partnership.
Using the equation presented above, one can calculate with an iterative computer program the positions and acceleration for a satellite.
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