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Synonyms for acceleration

Synonyms for acceleration

the act of accelerating

(physics) a rate of increase of velocity

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This option only exists where the acceleration clause is discretionary.
A subjective acceleration clause is a provision in a debt agreement that states that the lender has the right to accelerate the payments of the obligation under conditions that are not objectively determinable.
Under these circumstances, the owner still holds the lease term and any acceleration clause as a bargaining chip but can afford to be more accommodating in light of the common goal.
Paragraph 11 states that "The Board believes that creditors and debtors perceive a substantive difference between the rights that a creditor has under such a subjective acceleration clause and the rights that a creditor has under either (a) an obligation that is due on demand or (b) an obligation that is callable because of a violation of an objectively determinable provision.
The warrants are subject to an acceleration clause which is triggered when the Company's shares trade at $0.
The warrant contains an acceleration clause should the Companys shares trade above $0.
4th DCA 1999) (holding that when an installment contract contains an optional acceleration clause, the statute of limitations for recovering under the contract may commence running on payments not yet due if the holder exercises its right to accelerate the total debt because of a default).
The warrants are subject to an acceleration clause that will be triggered when the company's shares trade at CAD0.
Among other aspects, the Sukuk benefits from a change of control, a negative pledge and a cross acceleration clause provision.
First, when selling an apartment, try to build in an extended close date--maybe even try to ask the purchaser of the apartment if there can be an acceleration clause for the close date if the sponsor is ready to close sooner rather than later.