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Synonyms for acceleration

Synonyms for acceleration

the act of accelerating

(physics) a rate of increase of velocity

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In accelerated motion ([f.sub.x] [not equal to] 0, [f.sub.y] [not equal to] 0), according to the accelerometer error parameters and (12), we can conclude that when [absolute value of [f.sub.y]] > 1.67g and [absolute value of [f.sub.z]] > 1.67g, the influence of the accelerometer scale factor errors aS[F.sub.y] and aS[F.sub.z] on the north velocity error and upward velocity error is greater than that of accelerometer bias [aB.sub.y] and [aB.sub.z].
As well, to convince themselves that this had to be true, many physicists argued that while every accelerated motion has to produce gravitational waves, nothing in our universe was likely to be big enough and moving fast enough for us to be able to detect them using any available technology.
Even though there may be accelerated motion during observation, the phase transformation curve caused by motion should be continuous and smooth because of the inertial of the target.
To minimize the influence of pre- and post-occlusion target velocity information, uniformly accelerated motion, or randomized duration of the blanking periods were used in further studies [[3]], though predictable target trajectories were used.
Here is confirmed (8) is in accord with the case of special relativity for un accelerated motion.
That the situation is somewhat surprising, yet the result quite simple, helps to underscore both the great benefit and the great beauty of applying the basic ideas of uniformly accelerated motion in this two-dimensional case.
The analysis of accelerated motion reveals Galileo's faith in the heuristic power of mathematics and also his belief that the new mathematical physics could incorporate "the classical relations of geometrical reasoning ...
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