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(cosmology) a hypothetical form of matter that is believed to make up 90 percent of the universe

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Kelly will be influential in leading the accelerated expansion of Caldera's sales force.
coupled with our accelerated expansion plans into other regions, including Europe, South America and possibly China upon its entry into the World Trade Organization, will contribute to our expected substantial growth in the coming years," concluded Mr.
Mergers and acquisitions, organic business growth and compliance regulations all contribute to the accelerated expansion of ERP, CRM and custom application databases that support all business activities.
Iran and Tajikistan have recently accelerated expansion of their ties and cooperation and observers believe that the good achievements gained in area of their mutual cooperation should be deemed as a result of the efforts made by the two countries' officials.
At later times, gravity would not have been powerful enough to resist the accelerated expansion, and galaxies could not have congregated into clusters.
Our growth plan calls for accelerated expansion through new satellite facilities in northern Cook, Lake, McHenry and DuPage counties.
We believe that many of the segments of bioinformatics described in this report offer an unusual opportunity for accelerated expansion within the coming years.
An accelerated expansion would seem to contradict all common sense, says Andreas J.
The cost of the accelerated expansion program is expected to make third quarter 1994 earnings $0.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Encouraging Research Outcomes, Evolving Corporate Events, and Continued Rise in Acetaminophen-Related Acute Liver Failure, Spur HepaLife's Accelerated Expansion Plans
Commenting on the announcement, Tom Gillespie, Chairman of Aqua Vie said, "Even though the negotiations took much longer than originally anticipated, the final package not only provides for the initial $10 million needed to effectively launch the new "all natural", preservative-free product line, but also provides for an additional $10 million, for a total of $20 million, to insure an accelerated expansion of distribution, and an earlier launch date for Aqua Vie's three new functional beverage lines, "Nutritionally Fortified Spring Water", "Nutritionally Specific Nutraceuticals", and "Non-Alcoholic Wines".
Levy, "We are delighted with this accelerated expansion of our global VoIP network, which will generate franchise value for our shareholders and position the Company for value adding acquisitions.
ATLANTA, July 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Wireless Cable of Atlanta (WCAI) (Nasdaq Small Cap Market: WCAI) announced today that an agreement has been signed with Amsterdam Pacific Corporation to arrange debt financing for WCAI's accelerated expansion into the single family home market.
Frost & Sullivan acknowledges AVST's innovative product differentiation and market strategy that is leading to an accelerated expansion of its channel, and therefore empowering AVST to increase its presence in a market otherwise dominated by telephony giants.
Our accelerated expansion strategy requires that we never compromise our standards which include our products and our people, and the addition of Ms.
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