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(cosmology) a hypothetical form of matter that is believed to make up 90 percent of the universe

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Dark energy, which is an as-of-yet undetected force that comprises 68 percent of the universe, is believed to be responsible for its accelerated expansion.
Tests using advanced technology could resolve a longstanding puzzle over what is driving the accelerated expansion of the Universe.
These scientists propose that dark energy is a type of dynamical quantum vacuum energy that acts in the accelerated expansion of our universe.
At this stage, we are all trying to fire bullets at the cosmological constant," said Adam Riess of Johns Hopkins University, who shared the Nobel Prize in physics last year for the discovery of the universe's accelerated expansion.
Wal-Mart had originally planned to pilot the program in Florida and roll it out to additional states sometime next year, but accelerated expansion due to consumer demand.
Julian Graves has accelerated expansion plans now the dust has settled after its acquisition by Baugur 18 months ago.
3% over the last four years to $297 million, a consequence of accelerated expansion.
In recent years, the resort has seen accelerated expansion that includes completion of the $50 million Summit Hotel, and the addition of more than 1,000 acres of ski terrain.
Atacama Chile has initiated an accelerated expansion program at its Aguas Blancas iodine-nitrates-sodium sulphate project in northern Chile.
This move will facilitate both the account management of East Coast firms and the accelerated expansion of such new programs as the At Home With Warren Kimble collection.
In addition to his financial responsibilities, he oversees the firm's training program that was developed to support HMAC's objectives for accelerated expansion.
As Paul Westra, research analyst for Salomon Brothers in New York, explains, "Boston Chicken's accelerated expansion plans are necessary to discourage the competition in order to maintain a strong market share within the Home-style Meal Replacement Category.
Vice President of Sales Chosen to Drive Accelerated Expansion of Sales Force.
The problem is, we don't quite know what's driving the cosmos' accelerated expansion.
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