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sung without instrumental accompaniment

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SOUTH Africa's top female accapella performers are coming to Birmingham next month.
And the S4C stage will pulsate nightly with concerts planned by Louisiana's Pine Leaf Boys, aCajunand Creolemusic quintet, the French/Canadian accapella group Les Charbonniers de L'Enfer, Brazilian samba group Soneando and Welsh Celtic music exponents Allan yn y Fan, together with an as yet unannounced international jazz outfit.
The Dublin-born jazz singer, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Kate Beckinsale, is a favourite of Michael Parkinson, and brought the room to a reverent hush when she sang Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down accapella.
Executive, Ebony Magazine; Rebecca Skrak, Strategist, OMD 10) Jill sings accapella for the Chicago crowd 11) Kindred the Family Soul's Fatin Dantzler and Aja Graydon with newborn daughter Nina.
''We had to do a few mixes to get it right and people still said it sounded like an accapella sitting on top.''
The other night they were across the hall practicing an accapella version of the Star Spangled Banner.
They started with an accapella version of Rock My Soul and ended the first half with a collection of hits including Picture of You.
"I said that half the fun was having to search out bits of accapella, things that you can turn into a song.
Three Lacroix table linen collections debut: Accapella, Allegra and Farigoule.
With the first notes of the first cut, the mysterious and haunting `Blade of Light', an accapella piece, draped in lush echos, you know that you're in for something different.
The singer, who is a member of an Accapella group called Da Royalty, released the new song in preparatory to the actual album later in the year.