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an ancient branch of the Semitic languages

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They cover the Babylonian physician Raba-sa-Markuk, the Accadian verb sala'u (to be ill) and the substantive sili'tu, medical information outside the medical corpora, cuneiform tablets on eye diseases, medical technology in ancient Mesopotamia, and (in French) the medicine of Hippocrates.
Pennsylvania) provides readers of the Hebrew Bible an overview and introduction to the comparative Near Eastern literature, encompassing Syrian-Palestinian, Mesopotamia, Egyptian, Anatolian, Persian, Urgartic, West Semitic, Hittite, Phoenician, Accadian, and other literature.
Finally KPR (excuse; as in Yore Kippur or the Day of Atonement) derives either from Accadian (to sweep, to clean), or from Arabic (to cover).
He begins with Babylonia before the Babylonians came--the Old Accadian and neo-Sumerian periods--and proceeds through Hammurabi's empire, the fall of Babylon, and the neo-Babylonian period.
The idea appears to be that a Chinaman, having cleared the successive dangers of the Tower and of the Ark, trotted off with his carrying pole from Western Asia to Shen Si, carrying his wife in one basket and a stock of Accadian myths and "old sounds" in the other.