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an ancient branch of the Semitic languages

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The international letters written in Semitic Accadian language on clay tablets that had been sent by Canaanite officials to the Egyptian government officials in Amarna City during the 18th Dynasty rule sheds more light on the Canaanites relations with the Egyptians.
They cover the Babylonian physician Raba-sa-Markuk, the Accadian verb sala'u (to be ill) and the substantive sili'tu, medical information outside the medical corpora, cuneiform tablets on eye diseases, medical technology in ancient Mesopotamia, and (in French) the medicine of Hippocrates.
Pennsylvania) provides readers of the Hebrew Bible an overview and introduction to the comparative Near Eastern literature, encompassing Syrian-Palestinian, Mesopotamia, Egyptian, Anatolian, Persian, Urgartic, West Semitic, Hittite, Phoenician, Accadian, and other literature.
Finally KPR (excuse; as in Yore Kippur or the Day of Atonement) derives either from Accadian (to sweep, to clean), or from Arabic (to cover).
Hammurabi's Code in Babylon and both the Sumerian and Accadian Codes were compilations meant to supplement custom, not supersede preexisting law.