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Synonyms for feijoa

South American shrub having edible greenish plumlike fruit

dark-green kiwi-sized tropical fruit with white flesh

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Estimacion indirecta del area foliar en Fragaria vesca L., Physalis peruviana L., Acca sellowiana (Berg.) Burret, Rubus glaucus L., Passiflora mollissima (Kunth) L.
This study aimed to characterize assembly and population dynamics of fruit flies in Acca sellowiana orchard at the Lages region, Brazil.
Source: own work TABLE 2 MEDICINAL PLANTS OF GREATEST VALUE OF CONSENSUS ON USAGE MODE (VCUM) IN THE RESPECTIVE CATEGORIES OF USE, ON AN ETHNOBOTANICAL SURVEY ON THE SOUTHERN PLATEAU OF SANTA CATARINA, 2012 Species and/or gender Category of diseases Acca sellowiana Acca sellowiana Digestive system (O.Berg)Burret Acheillea millefolium L.
Genetic characterization of natural populations of pineapple guava (Acca sellowiana), with heterologous microsatellites markers.
Objetivou-se, neste trabalho, testar a influencia de substratos e temperaturas sobre o teste de germinacao de sementes de Acca sellowiana (goiaba-serrana), Campomanesia xanthocarpa (guabiroba), Eugenia involucrata (cereja-do-mato) e Eugenia pyriformis (uvaia).
Acca sellowiana (Myrtaceae) and Casearia lasiophylla (Flacourtiaceae) are reported for the first time for the Argentinean flora.
Effect of food lures for monitoring of Anastrepha fraterculus (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Acca sellowiana (Myrtaceae)
Feijoa (Acca sellowiana [Berg] Burret; Myrtaceae) is an evergreen shrub or short tree, 2 to 6 m in height (Weston 2010), and native to the highlands of southern Brazil and northeast Uruguay (Barni et al.
E possivel conservar sementes de Acca sellowiana com armazenamento refrigerado (4 a 8[degrees]C) por dois anos, mantendo ate 80% de poder germinativo.
Efeito do AIB e de diferentes tipos de estaca na propagacao vegetativa da goiabeira-serrana (Acca sellowiana Berg).
Resumen: Feijoa, Acca sellowiana es un frutal nativo del sur de Brasil.