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a chemical agent used to kill mites


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Additionally, rising demand for agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, and pulses is projected to drive the growth of the global Acaricides market over the forecast period.
It asked for monitoring of sacrificial animals at entry points or markets by the authorities and making sure that every animal was treated with approved acaricide body sprays at least a week ahead of scheduled slaughtering.
Control strategies involving inappropriate use of acaricides or incorrect concentrations may result in unacceptable residues.
The economic importance of acaricides in the control of phytophagous mites and an update on recent acaricide mode of action research.
Use of chemical acaricides and kind of vectors (Tick/Mosquito) were recorded according to the farmer's statements.
Comparative efficacy of some acaricides against mange in dog.
Applications of acaricides to reduce peanut red mite populations in peanuts crops have been the only mite control measure used.
Controlling these ticks is difficult because of the increase of some strains of resistance to acaricides such as pyrethroids and the inefficacy of other compounds (Fernandes and Freitas 2001; Miller et al.
Univariate analysis of risk factors including temporal zones, species, breeds, sexes, age, management systems, tick infestation, previous tick history, tick control, types of acaricides used and interval of acaricides usages revealed a significant (P< 0.05) association with prevalence of T.
The advisory said that public health advice should focus on several aspects including wear protective clothing (long sleeves, long trousers), wear light colored clothing during visit to animal market to allow easy detection of ticks on the clothes and regularly examine clothing and skin for ticks and if found, remove them safely and use approved acaricides or repellents on clothing and skin.
Farmers often use acaricides to protect livestock (Latif and Walker 2004, Jongejan and Uilenberg 2004, Kivaria 2006), either by direct application or, in the case of large-scale game farms, using automated acaricide dispensers.
Ribeiro, "Evaluation of the efficacy of acaricides used to control the cattle tick, Rhipicephalus microplus, in Dairy Herds raised in the Brazilian Southwestern Amazon," Veterinary Medicine International, vol.
Despite progress in scientific research and development, T&TBDs' control worldwide has continued to rely heavily on synthetic chemical acaricides. Overdependence on these acaricides diverted attention from exploring and developing sustainable alternative method(s) including traditional methods of tick control and management.
The mites due to multi generation per season high reproductive potential, phytophagous nature and short life cycle have all contributed to development of resistance towards many acaricides (Devine et al., 2001; Stumpf and Nauen, 2001, Van Leeuwen et al., 2010).