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sung without instrumental accompaniment

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The eight friends say they formed the group because "traditional acappella tends to be dominated by males but we're all female.
Then, in a moment torestart a dead man's heart, they suddenly begin to sing an acappella rendition of "Dark Centre of the Universe" by theAmerican indie rock band Modest Mouse.
He is searching for the nation's best acappella group and his enthusiasm is infectious.
Grylls THE NAKED CHOIR WITH GARETH MALONE (BBC2, 9pm) IN this episode, Gareth meets the four remaining groups who must compete for the last three places to enter his 'acappella school' next week.
DOCUMENTARY Groups from the Midlands and further north, including Choral Stimulation (right) a gifted Glasgow University choir, begin their battle to stay in the game and bring acappella to the masses.
It will feature 25 pieces inspired by the music of all-woman, acappella band Sweet Honey.
Today, a number of bands across the country, from genres ranging from metal to goth to rock to acappella -- a form of singing without instruments -- are not only performing but are slowly finding mainstream acceptance.
Highlights for Angela and Joe include a visit to Pula, home of one of the world's largest amphitheatres, an excursion to the Brijuni Islands - the holiday playground of former Yugoslav leader Marshal Tito - and a sunset boat trip accompanied by acappella singers.
Being singer-songwriters and needing a way to raise funds quickly, the two, Callie (16) and Laurie (52) decided to record an all acappella, warm, fun Christmas CD.
The new single titled "Need You Right Now" will feature acappella music producer Mike Tompkins.
Entertainment for the evening came via the UAE's SAMA Quartet - the Emirati Barber's shop acappella harmony group and Afif Jazz.
A recording of a sand artist and UAE's first Barbershop acappella music group, Sama Quartet entertained the crowd, before the masterchefs who had already arrived in the country were introduced.
Performances will include a joint ballet and hip-hop dance routine, a Wushu demonstration, and an acappella song, among others.