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sung without instrumental accompaniment

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One of the fastest growing phenomena in social and mobile, Acapella has become the go-to mobile studio for celebrities, aspiring singers and their fans.
24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Mixcord announced today that Acapella, the company's social performance platform, has become the #1 ranking free app in the Apple App Store just six weeks after launching.
BIRMINGHAM acapella group The Sons of Pitches have won Gareth Malone's Naked Choir contest.
The album closes with Whole, bringing the album full circle with an acapella intro leading into a heart-breakingly dramatic ballad.
Collette Trodden, head of music at Newlands School, said: "This is a great opportunity for our pupils to work closely with one of the top acapella groups in the country.
The viral video was accompanied by Triforcefilm's acapella music throughout the 16-minute journey of the classic to the hottest video games.
The lads who treated us to a powerful acapella of Let It Go return to Glasgow on February 20 on tour.
But the highlight for me was her beautiful, acapella rendition of Little Sparrow which showcased her vocals perfectly.
Flag Day Celebration Students from Hopedale High School Acapella Chorus will sing patriotic songs around the flag pole, 10:30 a.
The less popular categories for this years NAMA's are best rock with three entries, best acapella with four entries, best Afrikaans with six entries and best Damara punch with eight entries.
In an interview with Khaleej Times, the engaging and amusing acapella group churned out popular Western classical, Hollywood and pop music medleys, without the use of musical instruments.
Tyneside Acapella, which changed its name recently from Tyneside Ladies Barbershop Chorus, set up in 1973 and have been going strong ever since.
dancing Acapella voices telling my story I am Africa Diamonds bauxite
It's an event which presents the art of acapella and as you listen, you will also be able to enjoy the work of the Leeds Fine artists and Yorkshire sculptors group which is currently holding an exhibition at the gallery.
Avi Lasarow, Honorary Consul for South Africa for the Midlands region, congratulated two South African groups on their outstanding contribution to the arts on Friday after acapella group Medu and traditional South African dance troop Usuthu delivered performances at the World Event for Young Artists (WEYA) festival in Nottingham.