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Acanthurus tractus Poey, 1860, a valid western Atlantic species of surgeon-fishes (Teleostei, Acanthuridae) distinct from Acanthurus bahianus Castelnau, 1855.
Biology of surgeonfish Acanthurus nigrofuscus with emphasis on changeover in diet and annual gonadal cycles.
Family Genus/species Feeding Acanthuridae Acanthurus sohal Algae, zooplankton Acanthuridae Naso elegans Brown algae Acanthuridae Naso unicornis Brown algae Acanthuridae Zebrasoma xanthurum Algae Apogonidae Apogon spp.
multangularis y Cleistocactus acanthurus, y algunas bromeliaceas tales como Puya ferruginea y Tillandsia latifolia; todas estas especies son xerofiticas.
Hey, stop that Large fish (Acanthurus mata, below) regularly visit cleaning stations where smaller fish (Labroides dimidiatus) nip off parasites for dinner.