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This has been reported for other acanthurid species and it is thought that its presence can help the fish more rapidly and efficiently grind up plant tissues, which would optimize digestion and energy assimilation (Randall 1967).
The presence of the acanthurid Prionurus chrysurus Randall, 2001 at Nusa Penida (also Bali, Lombok and Komodo) provides an additional example of this phenomenon.
These other studies demonstrated significant differences in age structures, somatic growth, mortality, and otolith growth among individual reefs within a single geographic region for several smaller reef-associated lutjanid, acanthurid and pomacentrid species.
Although similar to another kyphosid, the life-spans of both opaleye and halfmoon seem short when compared to similar sized temperate herbivorous acanthurids (surgeonfish) and scarids (parrotfish), in which most fishes reached a maximum age of over 20 years (Choat and Robertson 2002).