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The lowest water content was found for Acanthophora spicifera (90.74 %), followed by Hynea spinella (90.89 %).
Mild-acid hydrolysis of a native polysulfated fraction from Acanthophora muscoides generates sulfated oligosaccharides displaying in vitro thrombin generation inhibition.
(2013), and this structural feature was in accordance to the Acanthophora genus (Duarte et al., 2004), consistent with [sup.1]H NMR spectral data (Figures 1A, B and C), since pyruvic acid has not been frequently found in agarophytes (Cardozo et al., 2007).
In Florida, TSA occasionally grows in close proximity to 2 closely related species, Jamaican nightshade (Solanum jamaicense Mill.) which belongs to the same subgenus (Leptostenomum) as TSA and red soda apple (Solanum capsicoides All.), which belongs to the same section (Acanthophora) as TSA.
schuurmanni Van Oye, 1932 Euglypha acanthophora (Ehrenberg, 1841) Lesquereusia modesta Rhumbler, 1896 Netzelia oviformis (Cash, 1909) Phryganella sp.
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foetidissimum, Ehretia tinifolia and Piper richardianum r, Ocotea coriacea and Cupania glabra 1 in 3; Triopteris rigida +, Urochloa humidicola 1, Turnera ulmifolia and Citharexylum ternatum r in 4; Erytrhroxylum rotundifolium +, Desmodium incanum and Pisonia aculeata r in 5; Rochefortia acanthophora + in 6.
polycustum Phaeophyta Dictyota bartayresiana Phaeophyta Fucus spp Phaeophyta Padina gymnospora Phaeophyta Porphyra nesnamesis Rhodophyta Scinaria farcellata Rhodophyta Champia compressa Rhodophyta Porphyra spp Rhodophyta Liagora erecta Rhodophyta Acanthophora delibi Lamour Rhodophyta Soliera robusta Rhodophyta
The occurrence of Agardhiella ramosissima (Gigartinales) and Acanthophora spicifera (Ceramiales) in the Texas Coastal Bend.
en comparacion con los extractos en etanol de Acanthophora sp., y Caulerpa spp.
Wynne (1; S y C; Ly A) Heterosiphonia gibbesii (Harvey) Falkenberg (2; S y C; L) Familia Rhodomelaceae Acanthophora J.