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any of various plants of the genus Aralia

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Synoposis of Solanum section Acanthophora,: a group of interest for glycoalkaloids, pp.
Acanthophora spicifera, Laurencia undulata and Carpopeltis affinis); (5) brown, tough and leathery macroalgae--brown algae with strong, large and complex thallus and has many adaptations to its environment such as a bladder and large holdfast (Lamim japonica, Undaria pinnatifida, Sargassum fusiforme, Sargassum duplicatum, Sargassum patens, Sargassurn thunbergii and Sargassum alternato-pinnatum).
In a related study conducted simultaneous to that along the Packery Channel jetties, Acanthophora spicifera (Vah1) Borgesen was identified from the recessed portion of the channel.
They were placed in the rearing system for acclimatization and fed Acanthophora sp.
The brown Fadina tetrastromatica and Dictyota dichotoma and the red seaweed Acanthophora spicifera were the most reliable indicators (Khanianapai et al.