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Synonyms for Acanthocereus

mostly trailing cacti having nocturnal white flowers

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1909; Acanthocereus colombianus Britton & Rose, Cact.
1931; Acanthocereus horribarbis (Salm-Dyck) Borg, Cacti 133.
They may occur as solitary prismatic crystals in Cereeae (some species of Cereus and Pilosocereus), Echinocereeae (species of Acanthocereus [Fig.
In the collapsed region, sieve members and companion cells collapsed, forming a distinctive pattern delimited by a cap of fiber, as in Acanthocereus, Leptocereus, and Peniocereus (Mauseth & Ross, 1988; Mauseth et al.
Based on the structural characters used, it takes 5 steps longer to define Pachycereeae as monophyletic sensu Barthlott and Hunt (1993) but 36 steps longer to include Acanthocereus, Echinocereus, Leptocereus, Peniocereus, and Corryocactus as members of Pachycereeae as proposed by Anderson (2001).
The other members of the Echinocereeae tribe, Acanthocereus, Echinocereus, and Peniccereus, do not group together.
baduca (Buche), Prosopis juliflora (trupillo), Gliricidia sepium (mataraton), Acacia farnesiana (aromo), Guaiacum officinale (guayacan), y Stenocereus griseus (candelabro), Pereskia guamacho, Philoxereus russellianus, y Acanthocereus tetragonus (cactus).