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2010) provided some evidence that the three tephrelline groups of genera associated with the three host families represent three steps of host shifting (probably from Asteraceae to Acanthaceae, Acanthaceae to Lamiaceae, and finally Lamiaceae to Verbenaceae).
Specific ornamentation of orbicular walls and pollen grains, as exemplified by Acanthaceae.
ex Nees (family: Acanthaceae, local name: hempedu bumi), Centella asiatica (L.
Lamiaceae, Orobanehaceae, and many Acanthaceae (Endress, 1998, 1999).
Botanical name Family Local name 1 Andrographis Acanthaceae Kalomegh paniculata Nees 2 Barleria Acanthaceae Jeuti, Jhingti prionitis L.
Rhinacanthus nasutus, a small shrub of the Acanthaceae family, has long been used in Thai traditional medicine for treatment of tinea versicolor, ringworm, pruritic rash, abscess pain, and skin diseases (Farnsworth and Bunyapraphatsara 1992).
some Papaveraceae, Ranunculaceae, Geraniaceae, Tropaeolaceae, Balsaminaceae, Acanthaceae, Veronicaceae, Campanulaceae, Goodeniaceae, Orchidaceae) (Jabbour et al.
paniculata belonging to family Acanthaceae, is an annual herb native to peninsular India and Sri Lanka and is also distributed in different regions of South-east Asia, China, America, West Indies and Christmas Island (Lattoo et al.
Keywords: RB1-2H3 cells; Cytokine production; mRNA expression; Rhinacanthus nasutus; Acanthaceae
Acanthaceae (minus Strobilanthes) (draft for Flora of China project).
Table 1 Geographical Distribution and Taxonomic Diversity of Genera With Endemic Species on Hainan Family, tree of life Number of endemic endemic Worldwide placement, and genus species in Hainan Island/ approximate approximate number of number of endemic species in China species (including Hainan) Acanthaceae, Asterids Cosmianthemum 1/3 9 Bremekamp Peristrophe Nees 1/2 25 Staurogyne Wallich 4/8 110 Annonaceae, Magnoliales Artabotrys R.
Scientific Family Local name Parts used name Justicia Acanthaceae Hongshu-bang Leaf adhatoda L.