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Designed with a secure methodology and fabricated at the IBM Trusted Foundry, the Acalis CPU872 offers the strongest protection available for software and systems.
This experience led to our development of the trusted and secure Acalis CPU872," said Clay Johnson, chief executive officer at CPU Tech.
The Acalis CPU872 is the first member of the Acalis family of secure processors offered to the merchant market.
With several of our systems in production, several modeling contracts for our SystemLab PS, and the second generation of our Acalis family of Field Programmable Multi-Core (FPMC) chips this year, the future looks good.
25 February 2013 - US aircraft maker The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) said it took over privately held CPU Technology Inc's Acalis operations, without disclosing the terms of the transaction.
The acquisition of Acalis, which specialises in the manufacture of microprocessors that provide security for the aerospace and defence sector, is part of Boeing's drive to boost vertical depth to enhance the differentiation of its offerings and provide long-term value for its aerospace and defence clients worldwide, the buyer said.
Acalis is headquartered in Pleasanton, California and has a workforce of some 40.Country: USASector: Electronics, Aerospace/DefenceTarget: Acalis businessBuyer: The Boeing Company Vendor: CPU Technology IncType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
Acalis, the world's first FPMC product line, can directly execute unmodified legacy application software and simultaneously execute IBM PowerPC multi-core software on a single chip device." This new generation of programmable semiconductor devices combines the flexibility of FPGAs with the speed and capacity of ASICs.
"We are excited about working with CPU Tech and their new Acalis product offerings."
The licence agreement covers the use of CRI's patented countermeasures to differential power analysis (DPA) attacks for CPU Tech's tamper-resistant products, including the Acalis family of secure processors.