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Acalis currently operates 420 beds in Chile, employing over 240 staff - 90 percent of whom are women.
Roderick Peters, Acalis CEO for Latin America, said We are pleased about the partnership with IFC on this investment, which will be instrumental in helping us cement our leadership in the provision of quality senior healthcare services in Chile and Colombia.
25 February 2013 - US aircraft maker The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) said it took over privately held CPU Technology Inc's Acalis operations, without disclosing the terms of the transaction.
The acquisition of Acalis, which specialises in the manufacture of microprocessors that provide security for the aerospace and defence sector, is part of Boeing's drive to boost vertical depth to enhance the differentiation of its offerings and provide long-term value for its aerospace and defence clients worldwide, the buyer said.
Designed with a secure methodology and fabricated at the IBM Trusted Foundry, the Acalis CPU872 offers the strongest protection available for software and systems.
This experience led to our development of the trusted and secure Acalis CPU872," said Clay Johnson, chief executive officer at CPU Tech.
With several of our systems in production, several modeling contracts for our SystemLab PS, and the second generation of our Acalis family of Field Programmable Multi-Core (FPMC) chips this year, the future looks good.
The Acalis family is applicable to a broad range of general purpose and embedded computing systems.
We are excited about working with CPU Tech and their new Acalis product offerings.
Acalis Sentry is an essential component of the Acalis development environment, enabling several critical capabilities.
The Acalis 'Secure Transparent Bridge' application offers the hardware advantages of a secure software boot and secure key management, along with all the software benefits of policy-based encryption.
The Acalis CPU872 has direct application wherever software and systems must be protected.
New Generation Electronics Uses Acalis Low Power, MultiCore Technology
The Acalis CPU872, a Field Programmable MultiCore (FPMC), directly addresses the need for a tamper-resistant, trusted supply of high-performance processing devices for use in vital applications.
Acalis, the world's first FPMC product line, can directly execute unmodified legacy application software and simultaneously execute IBM PowerPC multi-core software on a single chip device.