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an early French settler in the Maritimes

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Less has been written, however, about the hardships the uprooted Acadians endured as they were scattered to far-flung locations on both sides of the Atlantic.
Anyone familiar with Longfellow's famous poetic tribute to the Acadians knows the basic story of the great Derangement of 1755, when these tough and resilient people were uprooted and cruelly scattered--some as far away as Louisiana.
The first, of course, is the face-to-face world the Acadians made as they shuttled from place to trying place--a world of loss, change and frequently, malice among one-time compatriots, all of whom confronted exiles as they strained to tailor themselves to suit the demands of the powerful, people-moving states that surrounded them.
The Acadians moved down from Port Royal around 1671 to settle what they called the Beaubassin.
FORTHE ACADIANS OF NEW BRUNSWICK, one third of the province's population, the decade from 1994 to 2004 felt like one long celebration.
She examines characters in George Washington Cable's late nineteenth century novel Bonaventure: A Prose Pastoral of Acadian Louisiana (1888), in which he discerns the particulars of Acadians and the necessity of their gaining power and assimilation through their acquisition of English.
For many, that traumatic history is always present, even if it is 11 generations since Acadians were forced from their homes and shipped off in small groups to live in British colonies.
A small number of stories tell of how Natives supplied Acadians with various cures for their physical aliments, but in general, the Natives are seen as potential witches.
Her voice allows Jefferson to highlight a very painful chapter in Canadian history, that of the Great Expulsion of the Acadians, which saw the Acadians forced from their lands by the English.
Further to this, Nadeau suggests an alliance between Acadians and Mexicans on the basis of the shared Latin origin of their respective languages and, by extension, a shared adversary in the steady encroachment of Anglophone culture.
Sods, soil, and spades; the Acadians at Grand Pre and their dykeland legacy.
A Great and Noble Scheme: The Tragic Story of the Expulsion of the French Acadians from their American Homeland.
Passionately attached to their farms and villages around the Minas Basin and Annapolis, much of the land retrieved from the sea by a system of dikes, the Acadians wanted nothing more than to be left in peace.
That Williams is largely forgotten and the Acadians were subjected to brutal expulsion and worse is nothing short of tragic.