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an early French settler in the Maritimes

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The Acadian campus offers training in everything from machine tools to cosmetology.
The burning of Acadian farmsteads, the forced separation of families, the loss at sea of thousands of innocent lives--all these terrible events are faithfully recorded.
It's our first participation and all the three days have been very busy as we saw lot of interest from neighbouring countries and farmers in the UAE," Acadian Agritech Market Development Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa Sean Carson, told Khaleej Times on the last day of the exhibitions.
Fiddles & Spoons: Journey of an Acadian Mouse [NE]
Christopher Hodson spent ten years in the research and writing of The Acadian Diaspora and he has provided his readers a welcome introduction to this intriguing work.
The sighting of an Acadian flycatcher - a small creature normally found in America - prompted birdwatchers to travel to Dungeness in Kent from across the country.
More than 1,000 birdwatchers landed by the sea in their bid to glimpse an acadian flycatcher.
22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Acadian Asset Management LLC, a firm specializing in active global and international investing, today announced the hiring of Kurt Livermore as Portfolio Manager.
and LionGold Corp for buying Acadian Mining Corporation in cash deal for $4 million plus 8.
In Acadian communities, fear and suspicion towards outsiders, coupled with the widespread belief in the supernatural, can explain the prevalence not only of tales of Mi'kmaq witching, but also of witchcraft narratives in general.
The first of her protagonists, 17-year-old Elizabeth Evans, writes an account of the year in which her world, after her encounter with a young Acadian woman, was forever changed.
South Louisiana Community College (SLCC) offers EMT-basic and EMT-paramedic certification courses through the National EMS Academy, an educational partnership with Acadian Ambulance Service.
Second, the article illustrates how the shift from utopian to dystopian representation in Acadian and Chicano writing has emerged from the recent collapse of their respective independence movements under the weight of globalization.
Comprehensive in scope, thorough in its synthesis of a rich and varied body of literature, and masterful in its discovery and research of dispersed documents and distorted records, A Great and Noble Scheme constitutes a singular, indispensable, and classic introduction to tragic Acadian history.
Africadian is a term that refers to African and Acadian, and denotes black culture in the Maritime region, particularly communities in Nova Scotia).