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a university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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The Academy of Philadelphia taught a range of disciplines, with a distinct emphasis on practical application rather than abstract theory.
Sharing Smith's ideas for educating Native Americans, Dr Philip Bearcroft, Secretary to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG), co-operated with him in introducing a scheme whereby the SPG provided funding for children from Indian nations to attend the Academy of Philadelphia to learn the Christian gospel, the English language, and a trade (Letter from William Smith to Philip Bearcroft [November 1, 1756]).
"Sermon Preached before the Trustees, Masters, and Scholars of the College and Academy of Philadelphia, May 1761 ." The Works of William Smith D.D., Late Provost of the Academy and College of Philadelphia.
Organized the Academy of Philadelphia, which later became the University of Pennsylvania.
Born In Philadelphia, Hopkinson is said to have been the first student of the Academy of Philadelphia, later the University of Pennsylvania.
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