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an annual award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for achievements in motion picture production and performance

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The Academy Awards will be broadcast by ABC on March 21 from the Music Center in Los Angeles.
The film is nominated for more Academy Awards this year than any other film.
I just really have a good relationship with Tom (Selinske)," said Miller, who orders "about 25" of the student Academy Awards each year, a marble cube with a die-struck medallion in gold, silver or bronze.
Most of the awards came in the form of certificates, plaques and medals, except for the last two: Oscar statuettes were given for the Academy Award of Merit and the Gordon E.
But admit it: When you're ready to fill out your Academy Awards party ballot, you pause at the documentary shorts and features categories, wince, then, like a novice at a racetrack, pick the title you like best.
The DGA awards are almost always an accurate indicator of the upcoming Academy Award nominations.
The NFB wins its seventh Academy Award for If You Love This Planet.
Ginger Rodgers joins Warner Baxter and Ruby Keeler in this often-copied Busby Berkeley musical, which was an Academy Award nominee for best picture.
And as far as other awards shows, the Academy Awards dwarfs them all.
Charisma to Present 78th Academy Award Show Floral Presentation
Pardoe's statistical analysis predicts the following winners at the 78th annual Academy Awards, scheduled for March 5:
2) Official Academy Awards hair honcho Frederic Fekkai says women want shiny, straight tresses, while men are going for a short and slightly rumpled look.
PT for interviews with this year's Academy Award winners.
The first Academy Award evenings were quite different from what contemporary viewers expect.
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