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an honorary group of French writers and thinkers supported by the French government

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Within this context, the periodic efforts of the archaic Academie Francaise may not be enough to frustrate English language growth.
En effet, cette artiste a pu glaner une medaille d'etain qui lui a ete decernee par la prestigieuse Academie Francaise [beaucoup moins que]Sciences Arts et Lettres[beaucoup plus grand que].
Djebar, whose real name was Fatima Zohra Imalyene, was elected in 2005 to the Academie Francaise, France's top literary institution.
The reviral of his popularity with youth and women in the 1840s, and the consecration of his admission to the Academie Francaise in 1852, ironically coincided with the loss of his lyric inspiration, his protracted physical and mental decline and the resulting torments of his self-contempt (see Jose-Luis Diaz, 19-33).
I WAS interested to read 'Defence of our Language' (The Journal, September 19) in which mention was made of the Academie Francaise.
Hoffmann is Officier de la Legion d'Honneur in France and is an Immortel at the Academie Francaise (2012).
But, according to a report in Agence France Presse, some elements in French society -- including teachers unions and academic organizations, like the prestigious Academie Francaise -- are appalled at the idea since they fear the teaching of foreign tongues will further erode French culture and identity.
Paralelamente a carreira literaria, Marmontel galgou diversas posicoes no Ancien Regime, que demandavam sua atuacao, seja como homem de letras, seja como historiador: foi nomeado Secretaire des Batiments du Roi em 1753, membro da Academie Francaise em 1763, historiografo da Franca em 1771, secretario perpetuo da Academie Francaise em 1783, Historiographe des Batiments em 1785 e, por ultimo, catedratico de Historia no recem-criado Lycee, em 1786.
The outlawing of hashtag is the latest in a stream of desperate bids by the nation's stuffy Academie francaise authority to keep the language pure.
The first woman Professor of the College de France and in 1989 the second woman elected to the Academie Francaise, de Romilly (1913-2010) wrote over 30 books on the literature and history of ancient Greece.
Amin Maalouf was elected Thursday as a member of the prestigious Academie Francaise (French Academy), the body which acts as an official authority on the French language.
The opening session of the conference was a standing room only event, with welcoming speeches by George Molinie, the president of the University of Paris-Sorbonne, and Helene Carrere d'Encausse, secretary of the Academie francaise, as well as Hilaire Multon, conseiller of the Ministry of Culture.
The first of the half-dozen prizes religiously awaited each year by publishers looking for a sales boost, is a Grand Prix awarded by the Academie Francaise, the almost four-century-old watchdog of the French language.
It remains an excellent starting place for those interested in the author of the most complete picture that we have of the French language in the era of Racine, La Fontaine and Boileau, fellow members of the Academie francaise whom Furetiere counted as friends until controversy erupted upon his announcement of the imminent publication of his Dictionnaire universel in 1684.
The Academie Francaise is infamous for its efforts to stop--and failures to block--English loan words like le weekend and la sexe-appeal.
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