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Synonyms for academia

academic life


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Synonyms for academia

the academic world

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However, some landlords in the area have offered to give accommodation to the students at low rates to enable them live close to the school to enhance their academic work.
Postgraduate photography student Jacqui Knight has been left devastated after criminals made away with four years of academic work when they broke into into her car in Llandaff, Cardiff.
Al Araimi said: "What distinguished my research was it was mainly original work that has limited academic work available in public records, as well as it was a new idea that I pitched to the university, which appealed highly to my supervisor." "I have faced many challenges when I've started this research, some I forecast, while others were unexpected.
So in order to complete the academic work related to different topics one should have to take some resources available in online .There are so many offline resources available may provide good source to the work but almost all students depend on the online essay writing services.
The former rapporteurs who called for her release said Hoodfar's academic work posed no threat to Iranian security and that she should be released immediately
Fasihuddin (PSP) is known for his academic work, Urdu essays and Pashto poetry as well.
After retirement in 1988, he pursued academic work on U.S.
His closeness to academic work and art research was in such a form that he made a good relation with artists from all over Kurdistan and took part in most of the exhibitions in Kurdistan, in Erbil, Sulaimani and Duhok during the eighties.
Professor John Grattan, Acting Vice-Chancellor, said: "This is excellent news and reflects the high esteem in which academic work at Aberystwyth University is held by academics around the world.
Ibrahim Mohammed Janahi hailed the VIFRA 2015 laureate, commending his prolific scientific researches and dedicated academic work.
Leon also said that in view of the completion of his job as a Special Representative in Libya, he had been "discussing with other academic institutions because now in this moment in my life I want to do academic work, and I don't think, if you are doing academic work, there is any conflict of interests."
Vahedifard completed a second master's degree and his doctoral work in civil engineering at the University of Delaware after completing previous academic work in Iran.
In a career spanning five decades, his academic work has focused largely on the relationship between light and the eye, examining the mechanisms which cause age-related, diabetic and inherited eye disease.
So all that academic work higher up the pyramid is wasted.