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academic life


Synonyms for academia

the academic world

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Leon also said that in view of the completion of his job as a Special Representative in Libya, he had been "discussing with other academic institutions because now in this moment in my life I want to do academic work, and I don't think, if you are doing academic work, there is any conflict of interests.
In a career spanning five decades, his academic work has focused largely on the relationship between light and the eye, examining the mechanisms which cause age-related, diabetic and inherited eye disease.
So all that academic work higher up the pyramid is wasted.
All scholars doing MS programs in different disciplines must urge university rectors, to sign MoUs with industries for research for improving their performance and also academic work, they concluded.
I was chosen to join the Academy of Arts and Sciences which is a strong verification of my scientific and academic work in the past fifteen years.
Officials marked her exam forms with a telltale yellow stripe" despite the fact that her professor, then a member of the Nazi party, supported her academic work.
Boeheim also said he demanded ''academic excellence'' from his players, but under NCAA rules is not permitted to intervene in academic matters and is not allowed to review academic work performed by student-athletes.
Seham Mohammed Ahmed Bakhit, told SUNA that the university has signed a cooperation agreement with the Kangnam University of Korean in the context of academic work, and exchange of lecturers to benefit from the expertise, training and exchange of students and academic programs and research in order to promote the quality of education and achieve the goal of strategic university openness locally, regionally and internationally .
They emphasize work that is stimulating, is just beyond students' current skill levels, demands effort, and requires depth of knowledge, and consider the roles of the stance of the teacher, the nature of the academic work (and connecting it to the real world), and student access to work.
UP president Alfredo Pascual said that while Mark Joseph Solis' apparent intellectual property theft did not involve academic work, it "blemish(ed)" the image of the state university.
Rising numbers of families are opting to pay for additional help for their youngsters to help them to do well in their academic work, a survey by the Sutton Trust has found.
I send my compliments to our colleagues who continue their academic work devotedly despite the current circumstances in our country that make us feel pessimistic about our profession.
Consider the standard introductory chapter of an academic work.
A collection of essays and interviews, Pak's Britannia is the first book devoted exclusively to Dabydeen's academic work.
Professor Gunn joined the University of Derby at the end of 2006 as pro vice chancellor with responsibility for key parts of the university's academic work.