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Synonyms for tenure

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Synonyms for tenure

the holding of something, such as a position

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Synonyms for tenure

the right to hold property

give life-time employment to

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In academic tenure wars, truth and reconciliation is valuable after the war.
The overlap between the rise of academic tenure and mandatory student evaluations is significant, with the links between them easily taken for granted.
The cultural upheavals of that era saw the accession to academic tenure of a generation of activists who regarded the university as a platform from which to advance their political mission.
General report of the committee on academic freedom and academic tenure. Bulletin of the AAUP 1(1), 20-43.
When this seven-year period expired, the faculty member either earned academic tenure or the University terminated his employment.
Recruited from the London School of Economics (he had to give up his academic tenure in order to stay on in Downing Street when his extended leave of absence ran out), Donoughue clearly wielded considerable influence as, for instance, in shaping Callaghan's 1976 speech at Ruskin College, Oxford on the 'Great Education Debate'.
about I2 percent of professorships in academic settings, a number that has remained stable over the past three decades, despite the increase in the female physician workforce.' To obtain academic tenure and advancement, a physician must invest a significant amount of time in conducting research, treating patients, and teaching students leaving little time for much else.
The insights and perspectives contained in this book should enhance all educators' knowledge, regardless of where they are in their academic tenure.
Academic tenure sets college and university professors apart in significant ways from professionals in other fields.
The lay literature (a description charitably extended to include newspapers), governmental hearing records, and criminal courts are replete with examples for the dedicated researcher to examine, to digest (however unappetizing the fare may be), and to develop preliminary hypotheses, later to become theories and, eventually, peer-reviewed publications, all leading to academic tenure, fame, promotion, invited-speaker circuits, and well-padded curricula vitae.
Academic tenure frequently is discussed and debated among educators from many different disciplines.
Factors that affect academic tenure in schools of nursing.
In this article we explore the incentive properties of academic tenure relative to alternatives that might be substitutes for tenure.
Brown, 1997, "University Governance and Academic Tenure: A Property Rights Explanation", Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 153:441-461
Issues of academic tenure and contractual matters are as real as their counterparts in policing.
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