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evaluate professionally a colleague's work


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This is absolutely normal, and simply means that the Editor and Academic Review Team, who share a responsibility for maintaining standards, read your article and suggested some tweaks.
22) Appointed by the dean, an Academic Review Board at the Army War College is composed of four faculty members who meet to investigate formal allegations of misconduct and advance recommendations.
The elaboration of the presented method is based on an academic review.
The Army War College initiated its own analysis of the paper and determined this morning that there was reasonable cause to refer the case to the US Army War College Academic Review Board,'' the statement said.
A number of years ago, in agreement with the New York State (NYS) Department of Correctional Services, CAYSA requested and financially supported a comprehensive academic review and evaluation of New York's Basic Course for State Level Correctional Officers employed in state-operated correctional facilities/ prisons.
Ben Sidran's self-published book Them Was a Fire (his publisher, Nardis, is Sidran backwards) presents the dilemma of subjecting an arlist--c /n/i--sehulai to academic review.
I was previously the Chair of the Academic Review Board but assumed the position of Editor-in-Chief July 1st, 2013.
Still with rigor: an historical and academic review.
The complex origin of this modern state and its convoluted definitions of ethnic identity coupled with contrived and real ethnic relationships offer any serious scholar of ethnicity a panoply of approaches to an academic review of the origin of the state.
This is not an academic review book, but a true handbook with how-to medical advice.
An academic review and evaluation of current rechargeable energy storage system vibration test procedures highlighted that typically the X and Y axis of EV battery packs are evaluated using the same test profile.
Mr Raymond Khoury has taken on the role of Chair of the Complaints Committee, and Mr David Stelfox that of Acting Chair of the Academic Review Committee while that committee's new Terms of Reference are being established.
It was an academic review and another group of academics could well have come to different conclusions.
In March 2012, HIDOE began planning and training to establish Academic Review Teams (ARTs) in each Complex Area and school for SY 2012-2013.
An academic review of a published historical work should provide the reader with an assessment of the book based on careful reading and considered thought concerning the historian's methodology, arguments, and the subject matter of the book.
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