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evaluate professionally a colleague's work


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We say goodbye to a member of our Academic Review Panel, Harris Hollans, PhD, MAI, who recently passed away.
He serves on The Appraisal Journal Academic Review Panel, and his research interests include pedagogical issues, corporate governance, and real estate.
The winner of this award is selected by a committee of the Appraisal Journal Editorial Board and Academic Review Panel as appointed by the Editor-in-Chief.
To be eligible for this award, the article must have been peer reviewed by members of The Appraisal Journals Academic Review Panel and the principal author(s) must be primarily engaged in teaching at a college or university.
It is understood the MoD's policy not to monitor the sites is based on a 2005 academic review by Imperial College London which concluded that they should remain undisturbed.
Evidence was gathered from workshops with nearly 400 children in 13 different locations around the UK, an academic review of child food insecurity, polling of young people, submissions of evidence from people working with children, a UK-wide policy review and secondary analysis of Government data on the affordability of a healthy diet.
Internet2 and the National Science Foundation (NSF) have confirmed the selection of six proposals by an external academic review panel for the first phase of the Exploring Clouds for Acceleration of Science (E-CAS) project that was first announced in November 2018, the company said.
Despite the university's clarification that the decision was made as a result of an academic review rather than student activism, Peterson accused the University of bowing to student's pressure and failing to notify him directly before the tweet.
Epley, PhD, MAI, SRA, who during the past year has contributed valuable volunteer hours to the Journal as a member of The Appraisal Journal Academic Review Panel.
Thus, any study of the rule limited to examining DoD's definition and interpretation would be deficient in any academic review. By using The Law of War alongside the manual, researchers easily can avoid such mistakes.
He has also published two academic review volumes with Oxford University Press, including New Frontiers in Open Innovation (2014).
Several reasons--the satisfaction of seeing your thoughts in print, the fact that by passing on your own knowledge you are assisting both the readership and the Editor and Academic Review Team, and the very important point that more quality articles equate to a sustainable quality magazine.
Peter has been an ATMS Board member for the last ten years, and is currently the Chair of the Academic Review Committee.
Even when academic researchers make warm partnerships with practitioners, they must still deal with academic review committees for hiring, promotion, and tenure that too often focus on individual performance and theoretical contributions within a single discipline.
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