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Synonyms for procrastination



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Synonyms for procrastination

the act of procrastinating

slowness as a consequence of not getting around to it

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The study hypothesis concerning the association of self-regulatory self-efficacy and general self-efficacy with academic procrastination was that both self-regulatory self-efficacy and general self-efficacy would predict lower rates of academic procrastination.
Keywords: Academic procrastination, reasons for academic procrastination, university students
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The purpose of the study was to explore the effects of excessive usage of mobile phones on academic procrastination and academic performance among college students.
A study on higher vocational college students' academic procrastination behavior and related factors.
Academic procrastination, life satisfaction and academic achievement: The mediation role of rational beliefs about studying.
There is evidence supporting the effectiveness of establishing prior commitments to reduce academic procrastination (Ariely & Wertenbroch, 2002; Kirby & Guastello, 2001).
[17.] Delavarpour JB, Agha M (2007) The relationship between academic procrastination and educational objectives.
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The cost-effectiveness of individual interventions for academic procrastination requires investigation.
Some studies (e.g., Ellis & Knaus, 1977; Schouwenburg, 2004) reported that approximately 70% of college students considered themselves procrastinators, and academic procrastination has been reported across the world (e.g., Ferrari, Diaz-Morales, O'Callaghan, Diaz, & Argumedo, 2007; Klassen et al., 2010; Seo, 2011).
Academic procrastination: the relationship between causal attribution styles and behavioral postponement.
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