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The concept of major-career relatedness describes the accordance between a person's academic major and their chosen career.
It has also been hypothesized that learning style theory may be a resource in helping students select an appropriate academic major.
Students must reconcile multiple factors and variables in order to make an academic major decision related to a career selection.
Keywords: Academic major change, personality traits, Big Five, narrow traits
Thus, as college students' occupational engagement increases, so too should their vocational identity and their likelihood of making satisfying academic major decisions.
Other authors claim that cognitive skills develop differently according to academic major (Kim & Sax, 2011); others state that what is determinant for the development of CT is the teacher's approach (Brint, Cantwell, & Saxena, 2012), or well-structured classroom instruction that fosters a more active, participative, and reflexive approach to learning from students (Pascarella, Wang, Trolian, & Blaich, 2013).
Through a wide range of curricular and co-curricular initiatives, accessible to students in any academic major, NAU encourages students to explore environmental issues throughout their undergraduate careers.
The new curriculum preserves some of the current graduation requirements, including a required academic major, a lifetime fitness course and a three-year campus residency requirement.
FITCHBURG -- Fitchburg State University, the only public institution in New England to offer an academic major in game design, will return to PAX East April 11-13 to show off its program at one of the largest gaming events in North America.
Yang and Raehsler, in an article published in 2005, described their use of an ordered probit model to show that the total score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the cumulative grade point average, and the choice of academic major significantly influenced expected grades in an intermediate microeconomics course.
68 percent have diversity goals based on the overall hiring class rather than a specific job function or academic major
Previous studies investigating influences in career planning posit factors related to socialization serve as the underpinnings for academic major selection (Guay, Senecal, Gauthier, & Fernet, 2003; Kuijpers, Meijers, & Gundy, 2011; Toyokawa & McLoyd, 2011).
Changes ultimately create opportunity--and students continue to see journalism as an attractive academic major and career.
Like the data presented in Tables 3, the data presented in Table 4 dealing with academic major and institution attended are much more complete for those certified between 2004 and 2007, than those certified prior to 2004.
Schools from Inigral is an extension of Facebook that connects students at their respective college or university through shared affiliations such as academic major, athletic team, or student organization.
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