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The fair targets SQU students who are about to choose their academic majors, new students and those willing to familiarize with the labour market and jobs-related majors.
We derived the inventory items from Lee and Lee (2006), who investigated determinants of students' academic major choice.
Such information could well be helpful in counseling students to select an academic major and career path for which they are best suited.
Also in 2013, Goodstein and Szarek discussed program completion from an alternative view; rather than empirically studying factors influencing program completion, the authors outlined common reasons why students might not complete an honors program, especially the need for extra time to study for professional school entrance examinations, an inability to find a workable thesis topic, and additional coursework required after adding another academic major.
Employers were seeking talent across all academic majors.
6%), and did not have an academic major with the words "health education" in the title (n = 2,403, 71.
You can choose to explore different sectors of the economy, or if your academic major corresponds directly to a position within a company, you can focus on job titles.
Loudon said at the university level, a larger emphasis is being put on the idea that an academic major doesn't necessarily dictate career.
Washington State University, the first institution in the country to offer an academic major in organic agriculture, is now offering the nation's first online certificate in organic agriculture.
Some of that literature looks specifically at how a student's choice of academic major is related to his or her cheating behavior.
Regardless of the academic major (chosen from among four, interdisciplinary choices) all preservice students study statistics, algebra, problem solving, biology, chemistry, and physics to better prepare them in teaching mathematics and science.
You don't have to worry about choosing an academic major until college, right?
University of Maryland-College Park--A Longitudinal Study of Student Success: The Relation Between Academic Major, Student Demographics, and Broad Student Outcomes
Education should prepare students to succeed in any training regimen or philosophy or in any occupation, regardless of their academic major.
An array of residual forces - including differences in preferences, labor market expectations, gender-specific effects of the college experience, and unmeasured aspects of academic preparation - account for the main part of today's gender gap in choice of academic major.
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