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Conklin, Dahling, and Garcia (2013) suggested that two criteria be met when considering remaining committed to an academic major: students must perceive that they belong in an academic major via emotional identification (they must feel that they belong in a chosen program) and cognitive evaluation (they must feel that they are achieving positive results).
TABLE 1 Summary Statistics of the Key Variables for the Analytical Sample Advanced Standard Difference Diagnostic test score 100.07 95.24 4.83 (***) CET4 score 586.82 581.16 5.66 CET4 listening 203.32 201.76 1.56 CET4 reading 207.51 205.72 1.79 CET4 writing 113.21 111.36 1.85 (*) CET4 translation 62.78 62.32 1.046 Female 0.72 0.71 0.01 Age 18.50 18.52 0.02 Ethnic minority 0.08 0.08 0.00 Popular major 0.83 0.78 0.05 Number of students 281 437 TABLE 2 Advanced Track and the CET4 Scores: RD Regression CET4 Score Listening Reading Translation AdTrack -6.454 -5.956 (**) 0.043 0.272 (5.149) (2.989) (2.633) (0.770) Student characteristics Yes Yes Yes Yes Academic major Yes Yes Yes Yes Observations 718 718 718 718 Mean [SD] of dep.
The selection of a satisfying career is a key developmental task (Hirschi, 2009); therefore, a satisfying academic major may assist individuals in navigating a path to a successful career.
The concept of major-career relatedness describes the accordance between a person's academic major and their chosen career.
It has also been hypothesized that learning style theory may be a resource in helping students select an appropriate academic major. Honigsfeld and Schiering (2004) analyzed the learning style preferences of education majors and argued that student academic performance could be enhanced by utilizing teaching methods that corresponded to that group's pattern of learning styles preferences.
Keywords: Academic major change, personality traits, Big Five, narrow traits
These efforts include learning in the academic major, general education, co-curricular learning and development, assessment methods, measurement issues, and best practices in assessment.
Through a wide range of curricular and co-curricular initiatives, accessible to students in any academic major, NAU encourages students to explore environmental issues throughout their undergraduate careers.
FITCHBURG -- Fitchburg State University, the only public institution in New England to offer an academic major in game design, will return to PAX East April 11-13 to show off its program at one of the largest gaming events in North America.
Graduation for other students was delayed due to several reasons including taking the wrong courses, taking too many courses outside their academic major thus running out of financial aid, taking the wrong academic major or, in some instances, not even knowing what academic major they had declared.
Yang and Raehsler, in an article published in 2005, described their use of an ordered probit model to show that the total score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the cumulative grade point average, and the choice of academic major significantly influenced expected grades in an intermediate microeconomics course.
This allows us to assess whether there has been any change over the last 20 years in the academic proficiency of prospective teachers, i.e., those whose academic major in education suggests that they are interested in pursuing a teaching career.
The disparity may be soft-skills specific, such as oral and written presentation, or knowledge-specific, such as the breadth of courses in the academic major, if not both.
In addition, Kansas State offered the academic major she wanted: bio-systems engineering.
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