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academic life


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the academic world

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In the 2012-13 season, former forward James Southerland sat out six games for an academic issue related to a term paper but played in the NCAA tournament and helped lead the Orange to the Final Four.
In Elkhorn Creek, a tributary of the Kentucky River in Kentucky, biologists considered smallmouth movement more than an academic issue. A protected slot limit from 12 to 16 inches is in effect on Elkhorn but not in the Kentucky River.
"This isn't about some academic issue, about images online, it is about predators that go there, that engage your children and try to lure them from it to abduct and sexually abuse them".
To those outside the loop of health service provision, this may all seem like an academic issue, of no consequence or interest.
However, there is no evidence to show he has ever used the terms 'Islamization of knowledge' and 'Islamic science.' In any case, Golshani's discussion of Islamic science has raised the academic issue of the origins of the two terminologies in modern Muslim scholarship, though no one has yet come up with a detailed historical account of the origin and development of the two related ideas in question.
As he notes, this is not only an academic issue but also has clear implications for town planning and housing policy.
Though on its surface an academic issue, the decision of the Kansas board reaches far deeper.
The disagreement is more than an academic issue. Understanding how HIV triggers immune-cell depletion may eventually enable researchers to block its devastating effects.
Training is not merely an academic issue nor does it point to a lack of resources, she says.
The atlas's main purpose is to make soil diversity research -- which has traditionally been a rather academic issue -- available to those who need it most.
Well, then, somebody made a good decision for the Beavers, who could have as many as 14 first-time starters in the opening lineups with veterans such as receiver James Rodgers, tight end Joe Halahuni, cornerback Brandon Hardin and defensive tackle Kevin Frahm out with injuries, and defensive lineman Dominic Glover in doubt with a lingering academic issue.
WHILE the Prince of Wales ponders whether to be either Charles III or George VII, it may well be an academic issue, given the longevity of his mum and his grandmother.
If Unprotected at the Liverpool Everyman is anything to go by, is a powerful theatrical method of explaining what might otherwise be an academic issue.
MUSCAT | Post-basic education has been one of the most discussed academic issue in the Sultanate lately.
In fact, Pruitt-Logan and Isaac (1995) called graduate students' experience "the great unaddressed academic issue in higher education." Some research has addressed specific aspects of graduate student orientation and retention, like mentoring and expectations.
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