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incapable of dealing efficiently with practical matters


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This smacks of academic elitism, like that of the pre-Marxist French philosopher Saint-Simon, who wanted a parliament of experts to direct society.
As the very concept of university becomes devalued by the increasing number of institutions laying claim to that title, and the corresponding proliferation of low challenge degree courses, it is good to see the flag being waved for academic elitism.
The debate is rooted in academic elitism as exemplified by the very existence of public and private higher education.
A glass ceiling exists for up and coming Native academics and teachers, a ceiling caused by union protocol and rules, an old-boys club mentality, "promotion from within, first" conventions, and academic elitism.
The comments of B Ghosh (FM, November 2001) carry overtones of academic elitism that I would never wish to see fostered by our institute.
His blistering critique blamed misguided curricula, rock music, television, and academic elitism for the spiritual impoverishment of students.
THErecent report on fair access to the professions and the subsequent debate arguing over academic elitism in further education, missed an opportunity for some fundamental re-thinking of how our society and its establishment is constructed.
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