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a costume worn on formal occasions by the faculty or students of a university or college

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One, called 'The Tongue of Strife', showed Kandel in academic dress putting an extinguisher over a lighted candle labelled NEF; the other depicted Kandel himself about to disappear under a large fire extinguisher with the caption 'Out Brief Kandel.
The remote and bucolic location, immense wealth, privileged social standing, quaint academic dress, architectural grandeur, and ancient historical stature of Hogwarts all bespeak a rootedness in the English past.
The wearing of academic dress and processing does not sit easily with our less formal times.
Highlight of the meeting, in my opinion, is the Garden Party, at which dignitaries and guests may wear academic dress and their ladies are finely dressed.
Contract award: Provision of Graduation Academic Dress and Photography.
Although students are still required to dress appropriately for formal occasions and exams, they no longer need to ensure that their 'sub-fusc', the clothes worn with full academic dress, is distinctive 'for each sex'.
Some of the rituals took a bit of getting used to, including wearing gowns for the late sitting of dinner and academic dress for exams, but it was curious rather than intimidating.
There are a number of good reasons for this - most who worship on a Sunday morning prefer membership of one of the local churches; the wearing of academic dress and processing does not sit easily with our less formal times; Sunday morning is a time for families and for family worship.
Contract notice: provision of academic dress hire for the university of manchester
OXFORD UNIVERSITY has rewritten the laws governing its strict academic dress code following concerns they were "unfair" towards transgender students.
The streets of Cardiff and Treforest will be thronged with students proudly wearing their academic dress, hugged and photographed by their proud friends and relatives.
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