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an award conferred by a college or university signifying that the recipient has satisfactorily completed a course of study

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Direct forgery of academic degrees sees counterfeit or inauthentic certificates obtained, which were not issued by the concerned educational institution.
The directives were issued over suspicion of academic degrees of some employees working at the high court, sources said.
To address this gap in the literature, this research looks at how employers value the different methods for acquiring technology skills by identifying and analyzing three primary sources of high level skill categories: Academic Degrees, Certifications, and Work Experience.
Some of the papers were downloaded from the website of the Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Kyrgyzstan.
A Thai citizen with a long list of academic degrees has been accused of sexual harassment in China, leading to National Taiwan University (NTU) postponing his appointment, the Apple Daily reported Tuesday.
Female applicant must have all of her academic degrees by regularity, and with GPAs not less than 3 out of 4.
He underlined that the scholarships are competitive, which means according to academic degrees, noting that the student with a higher academic degree will have a better chance.
I've never found it offensive and I've walked on that grid many times Supermodel Naomi Campbell on the grid girls ban We have become obsessed with full academic degrees in this country.
The labour market does not need an ever-growing supply of academic degrees" - Tory MP Rob Halfon, chairman of the Commons Education Committee.
by Shruthi NairWadhah Al Hinai holds five academic degrees
The University of Nicosia (UNIC) will become the first university in the world to record all of its academic degrees in the blockchain -- a list of records linked and secured using cryptography that cannot be modified.
Some individuals list all their academic degrees, from the baccalaureate through the doctorate.
The Training Program focused on the core banking knowledge and skills of new graduate Kuwaiti people where they obtained an intensive training course that, besides their academic degrees, will help them start their careers in the local labour market.
On this occasion, the university established of a special pavilion during the events of Career Day, to attract Saudi graduates who gained academic degrees from USA universities.
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