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an award conferred by a college or university signifying that the recipient has satisfactorily completed a course of study

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Since its beginning in 1965, EF has helped millions of students travel the world to explore new destinations and cultures, learn a language, or earn an academic degree.
The first academic degrees will be available starting September 2014.
Following academic degrees at Virginia Tech and Oklahoma State University, Dr.
Young adults in nations such as Korea and Japan are pursuing higher academic degrees more aggressively than their U.
Summary: The Ministry of Social Affairs has called for instituting specisialised sections in child care, with almost one fifth of staff at nursery schools operating in the UAE without any academic degrees at all.
They are a part of my composition, my being, and they are not based on materialistic items or academic degrees.
Yousef Shatnawi, head of the committee grouping doctors in all specializations from across the country, said they had decided to protest the "marginalization of this segment" by officials who had turned a deaf ear to their demands, first and foremost of which is setting up a bureau at the Civil Service Commission to look after them and give PHD holders employed in the public sector an allowance "proportionate with their academic degrees.
Modarres has received all three of his academic degrees from the University of Arizona in Tucson.
New Delhi, Feb 13 (ANI): In last 30 years, China has given more than 21 million academic degrees, including 335,000 doctorates.
Nurses may also hold nonnursing credentials including academic degrees.
The state has the worst achievement gap in the country, with Whites outpacing Hispanics in getting academic degrees by as much as 39 percentage points, according to Colorado's Strategic Plan for Higher Education.
The wage discrepancy between public- and private-sector workers is smallest among high school dropouts (earnings averaged about $380 per week in 2009 in both the public and private sectors) and largest among, workers with advanced academic degrees (private workers averaged $1,425 per week versus $1,018 per week for public workers).
I warn the government to refrain from its threatening conduct against a dutiful officer, who has set examples of truthful working in evaluating the academic degrees of the lawmakers", Nawaz said in a statement issued on Sunday.
Pakistan, July 5 -- It is perfectly in the fitness of things that registrars of all the four universities located in the metropolis of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province - Peshawar University, Engineering University, Agricultural University and Islamia College University - have directed their employees serving in Basic Pay Scale (BPS) 17 and above to submit their original academic degrees for verification.
However, the school does not award academic degrees of any kind.
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