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an award conferred by a college or university signifying that the recipient has satisfactorily completed a course of study

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I always believed that one of the best ways to really experience and understand different people, their traditions and cultures is by completely immersing myself in different education systems," said Wadhah Al Hinai, an Omani national who holds five academic degrees.
Speaking at the Decentralised 2017 conference, organised by UNIC, Polemitis said the university was the first to record academic degrees on the blockchain in 2014.
Sheikh Anser Aziz has taken serious notice of the officers who have not yet verified their academic degrees and directed the Administration Wing for stern action against the officers.
First list your academic degrees, as these are with you forever.
Sajjeed Aslam, Head of ACCA Pakistan stated, I strongly believe that this is an excellent opportunity for students of UCP to top up their academic degrees with a globally recognised professional accountancy qualification.
Such degrees must fulfil the criteria set by the national committee for accreditation of academic degrees and qualifications.
Besides, PhDs in Kyrgyzstan are received by people who do not deserve academic degrees due to the lack of scientific research, publications and experience, he continued.
The first academic degrees will be available starting September 2014.
Following academic degrees at Virginia Tech and Oklahoma State University, Dr.
Summary: The Ministry of Social Affairs has called for instituting specisialised sections in child care, with almost one fifth of staff at nursery schools operating in the UAE without any academic degrees at all.
Karachi: Pakistani courts Tuesday sentenced two parliamentarians and ministers to three years in jail for producing fake academic degrees to qualify for their offices, where two other lawmakers were also indicted in similar cases.
New Delhi, July 30 -- Toyota Technical Training Institute (TTTI) today conferred academic degrees to 63 students - the third batch - on the successful completion of its 3 year training course (2009-2012).
Yousef Shatnawi, head of the committee grouping doctors in all specializations from across the country, said they had decided to protest the "marginalization of this segment" by officials who had turned a deaf ear to their demands, first and foremost of which is setting up a bureau at the Civil Service Commission to look after them and give PHD holders employed in the public sector an allowance "proportionate with their academic degrees.
New Delhi, Feb 13 (ANI): In last 30 years, China has given more than 21 million academic degrees, including 335,000 doctorates.
Nurses may also hold nonnursing credentials including academic degrees.
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