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orthodoxy of a scholastic variety

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Mhatre's accomplishment fed an art world debate on the relative importance of academic art education and innate genius in moulding unformed artistic potential.
The use of the word kundiman, in the title aptly recognizes the meaning that the local genre sports as an academic art or an art song, similar to the lieder for example.
A case study about academic art librarianship provides the vehicle for examining special libraries.
Her book is also the archaeology of today's patterns of collaboration among art production, art theory, theorized academic art history, and exhibition practice.
Despite his lack of academic art background, Ganzeer, who studied business, has been drawing since he was five years old.
The Artwork Shop is a pure academic art school, with teachers from AUB and St.
Glass and Ceramics 2014, marking the culmination of three years' practical and academic art study and an intended vehicle for student experience and recognition - will run for two weeks until Sunday, June 15.
A group of five artists (Dusan Mandic, Miran Mohar, Andrej Savski, Roman Uranjek and Borut Vogelnik) from the Academy of Fine Arts in Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana, founded IRWIN in 1983, when the academic art training in Communist-era Yugoslavia largely copied or imitated what had already existed.
of Creative Arts, Farnham, UK) and Natasha Caruana (lecturer, same), are academic art school photographers.
The ideas are out there, spread here and there across academic art history and the specialist press, but we pop critics seem content to ignore them.
Gedo describes Camille Monet's theatrical costume as a prop in an elaborately constructed modernist conceit in which Monet and his spouse capitalized on the fad for Japonisme to poke fun at the coy eroticism of French academic art.
Though its reputation in the United Kingdom improved as it was rebroadcast, it continued to be regarded with suspicion by academic art historians.
With contributions by potters, artists, curators and scholars, the book offers a history that has been previously overlooked by the academic art world.
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