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an administrator in a college or university

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DeWoody was dean of the Graduate College and interim vice president for academic administration.
any position in academic administration, or perhaps even in any job?
Tom Cornman, vice president for academic administration at Trinity, says access to education and to a place in todays economy is necessary for a growing number of non-English speakers in the region.
The principal assets of the acquisition are a 269,000 square foot historic renovation, which will be used for academic administration and educational purposes, and an adjacent garage.
Clark, P.E., Senior Associate Dean and Professor, College of Engineering, Kansas State University, was honored for his exemplary teaching, research, and extension work in irrigation, water management, academic administration, and leadership in the profession.
While many teachers and scholars assiduously avoid the task of academic administration, Michael served in a variety of roles doing important but also thankless tasks because he felt he could serve and help shape undergraduate education.
Academic administration conducted 76% (N=32) of the studies and Student Life conducted 12% (N=5) of the studies.
Organized in a straightforward, concise, and thoughtful manner, chapters include scenarios combined with activities and advice, illuminating the complex world of academic administration in exceptionally accessible ways.
The matter of developing models for academic administration is not a simple one.
Prior to this, he spent many years in academic administration both in South Africa and the USA.
Ameer Ali Shoro, Controller Academic Administration and Research Dr.
He has a very rich academic experience in various fields that include governance, development, academic administration, management, teaching and research.
Although the institutional basis of the movement was quickly eviscerated by the academic administration, the expulsion process seeded far-flung departments with radical scholars.
He is also recognized as one of the well-published scientist and researcher in the Muslim World besides his academic administration.
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