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an administrator in a college or university

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Further quantitative research will benefit the leaders in academic administration who use data to understand the effects of peer mentoring on undergraduates' academic performance and socio-emotional integration into college life.
In the field of academic administration, qualitative enhancement performance (QEP) is a philosophy and a set of scientific methodological tools that enable colleges and universities to pursue continuous systematic improvement in rendering academic services to students.
Prior to this, he spent many years in academic administration both in South Africa and the USA.
Ameer Ali Shoro, Controller Academic Administration and Research Dr.
He has a very rich academic experience in various fields that include governance, development, academic administration, management, teaching and research.
He is also recognized as one of the well-published scientist and researcher in the Muslim World besides his academic administration.
One consequence of Oregon's shift toward greater autonomy for its institutions of higher education is on display at Southern Oregon University, which through a process it calls "retrenchment" is cutting 80 faculty and staff positions, eliminating majors and streamlining academic administration.
Wright, on the other hand, focused on the challenges of balancing academic administration on top of the other demands of junior faculty, addressing the misplaced notion that those without families of their own have an excess of time and are often asked to take on additional tasks.
The panel, "To Where We Are Headed: Guiding the Redefinition of Dental Hygienists' Education and Practice," examined the transformation of dental hygiene education from the perspectives of the federal government, academic administration, research and organized dental hygiene.
The half-day inaugural meeting, which featured presentations on health care reform, research, and academic administration, drew about 200 attendees from academic institutions across the country.
Read on to hear from Nim Chinniah, executive vice president for administration and chief financial officer at the University of Chicago; Jamie Moffitt, vice president for finance and administration and CFO at the University of Oregon; Glenn Carter, associate vice president for financial administration at Walla Walla University in Washington state; and James Mello, assistant provost for academic administration, budget and planning at the University of Hartford.
Brown made the transition into academic administration when he became associate dean of the graduate school at Yale University, followed by a return to Princeton as the associate dean of faculty.
In addition, the paper discussed how an academic administration can analyze and develop a change management strategy using the responsibility and action planning matrix, derived from the fishbone diagram.
The book will be useful to readers in both Japanese studies and academic administration.
Ghanem Homoud Al-Dasha, who presented a copy of his PhD letter entitled (the concept of transparency in the academic administration in the official institutions of higher education in Kuwait and its relationship to effectively connect the administrative.
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