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Synonyms for skepticism

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Synonyms for skepticism

the disbelief in any claims of ultimate knowledge

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The book is not a seamless history or systematic treatise but a collection of pieces whose diversity reflects important dimensions of contemporary academic skepticism.
If Persons of Interest had a different subject matter, you might interpret this revelation as a routine gesture of academic skepticism. Yes, the film is a representation.
Back at Rutgers, Popenoe weds hope for these efforts to strengthen marriage with academic skepticism. Individualism remains the dominant value of our culture, after all.
The authors contend that evangelical confrontations with academic skepticism and popular culture's increasing hostility to dogma of any variety have compounded internal divisions with external incentives to avoid doctrinal rigor.
In both studies Long's attention to apparently peripheral cultural views opened up fertile philosophical topics: the Platonism of the Stoa, the nature of Academic skepticism, and the Stoic version of original sin.(1)
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