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With a single flip of the tip it sent poor Nobs sailing through the air a hundred feet above the ground, straight back into the clump of acacias from which the beast had leaped upon our kill--and then the grotesque thing sank lifeless to the ground.
The water was quite free from reptiles, and the vegetation upon the banks of the river had altered to more open and parklike forest, with eucalyptus and acacia mingled with a scattering of tree ferns, as though two distinct periods of geologic time had overlapped and merged.
I had been calling Nobs in the meantime and was about to set out in search of him, fearing, to tell the truth, to do so lest I find him mangled and dead among the trees of the acacia grove, when he suddenly emerged from among the boles, his ears flattened, his tail between his legs and his body screwed into a suppliant S.
I took him round the garden along the new paths I had had made, and showed him the acacia and lilac glories, and he said that it was the purest selfishness to enjoy myself when neither he nor the offspring were with me, and that the lilacs wanted thoroughly pruning.
And the poor soldier went to the acacia; but when he was a few steps from it, the countess looked at him, as if defying him, although a slight expression of fear seemed to flicker in her eye; then, with a single bound she sprang from the acacia to a laburnum, and thence to a Norway fir, where she darted from branch to branch with extraordinary agility.
It had no park, but the pleasure-grounds were tolerably extensive; and like every other place of the same degree of importance, it had its open shrubbery, and closer wood walk, a road of smooth gravel winding round a plantation, led to the front, the lawn was dotted over with timber, the house itself was under the guardianship of the fir, the mountain-ash, and the acacia, and a thick screen of them altogether, interspersed with tall Lombardy poplars, shut out the offices.
He then, with noiseless haste, took out the horse that he had ridden on the previous evening, saddled and bridled it himself and led the animal into the alley to the right of the kitchen-garden, opened a side door which conducted him to a bridle road, shut it after him, and D'Artagnan saw him pass by like a dart, bending, as he went, beneath the pendent flowery branches of maple and acacia. The road, as D'Artagnan had observed, was the way to Blois.
In the basins, such as this one, which are elevated from one thousand to two thousand feet above the sea, two species of acacia, which are stunted in their forms, and stand wide apart from each other, grow in large numbers.
According to the audit service, "the removal of acacias from the area was done hastily and without prior planning as regards the measures that should have been taken so that protected species present in the area are not negatively affected."
Acacias are leguminous plants, and like most legumes they form a symbiotic relationship with nitrogen-fixing bacteria on the roots, and are a significant source of atmospheric nitrogen being fixed into the soil for the subsequent use of all maimer of plant species (although some recent research suggests that erioloba, in fact, obtains most of its own nitrogen from the groundwater).
Doug Newhouse, owner of Newhouse Wood & Veneer in West Hartford, CT, said Australian blackwood is gaining popularity in part because koa, one of the most-prized acacias, is limited in production.
The hydrocolloids that were evaluated by the researchers included three gum acacias, three modified starches and one modified gum acacia from different commercial sources.
The lion's share of acacias produce yellow flowers, though some are almost white, while Acacia purpureapetala is a purple form and Acacia leprosa produces scarlet flowers earning it the common name "Scarlet Blaze".