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It was saying that even in a dry land the acacia tree is a place which offers shelter," she recalls.
With only six cottages and no electricity, all visitors eat together in the lantern-lit, open-fronted lodge, set under acacia trees facing the Malewa River.
We dined in the hotel's famous Thorn Tree Cafe, where, since 1902, African travellers have left messages pinned to an acacia tree.
After a glimpse of the animal kingdom on a crystal-clear morning, the passengers are brought gently down to earth for a champagne breakfast served beneath an acacia tree by waiters in traditional Swahili dress.
A pathway leads round to the garden stores, vegetable area and greenhouse and there is a paved seating terrace, rockeries and magnificen t acacia tree.
2) The flowering buds of an acacia tree release microscopic pollen particles that allergy sufferers dread.
Mashado limits the numbers of visitors per vehicle and its camps are small, with just ten double tents at Swala in Tarangire, and the same number at Kusini in the Serengeti- so there is no question of having to jostle for position to get a clear view of lions lounging under an acacia tree or elephants crossing the road ahead.
Right: A tour group shadows a lion BIG CAT DIARY BURNING laser beams through the branches of an Acacia tree, the leopard's gaze xes on a point far in the distance.
URNING laser beams through the branches of an Acacia tree, the URNINGlike two laser beams through the branches of an Acacia tree, the BBleopard's gaze xes on a point far in the distance.
Rarer still is a leopard sighting and we were lucky not only to see one emerge from the grass but grunt and call for its cub which dutifully came and was led to the shelter of a nearby acacia tree.
Visual Stereotypes: Africa The blog Africa Is A Country is taking lazy book cover designers to task, because apparently a silhouetted acacia tree = Africa
Wood from the acacia tree, which is water and insect resistant, was used to build and furnish the tabernacle (Exodus 25:10).
For many, the bush experience will be entirely new and in order to operate efficiently and effectively in a guest-facing role lodge operations, interns will need to possess vital fundamental bush skills and knowledge, such as how to tell the difference between a spitting cobra and a black mamba, what to do if an elephant approaches the boma and how to identify a bird of prey calling from a distant acacia tree.
Caption: President Pohamba and Ian Leyenaar, CEO of FNB Namibia planting an acacia tree, the symbol of FNB's growth.
The same two-word phrase in Hebrew means "they found an acacia tree.