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By 2025-end, over US$ 270 Mn worth of acacia senegal will be sold in the world, while acacia seyal will witness consumption of more than 90 thousand tons
Samples of bark of Acacia nilotica, Acacia seyal and Acacia senegal from individual collections were used for the study extraction efficiency.
Natural regeneration of trees Riadiana Acacia, Acacia Seyal, Calotropsi procera, Boscia senegalenvis is very important hence the need to make cuts to get a 6 m spacing between trees to limit competition on the water and allow trees to have enough room to grow without being disturb by the proximity of others.
The vegetation of the study area is characterized by Acacia seyal trees, Prosopis juliflora (locally known as 'Mathenge') and Balanites aegyptica which are evergreen for a greater part of the year.