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gum from an acacia tree


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They contain Acacia Gum, which alone (and without any chemical modification) gathers many functional properties: emulsifier, texturing and film forming agent, dietary fiber, stabilizer, carrier.
Due to its emulsifying and film-forming properties, the use of acacia gum, in combination with maltodextrin or inulin, made it possible to obtain more stable initial emulsions with a controlled size distribution, about 2 [micro]m, monodispersed.
Nexira is the world leader in acacia gum and offers a wide range of specially designed products to meet the needs of the food and beverage industry with applications such as emulsions, bakery, drinks, confectionery, etc.
We have recently demonstrated that acacia gum (AG) treatment was effective in ameliorating several biochemical and histopathological indices, and motor and behavioral changes in adenine-induced CRF (Ali et at, 2010; Ali et al.
The $40,000USD (pounds 26,000) from the Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO), a branch of the UN, has been earmarked to help the population of South Sudan earn a living from the export of acacia gums.
Colloides Naturels (CNI) is the global leader in acacia gum (gum arabic) and is a major supplier to the food, beverage and industrial markets.
Phillips, Acacia gum (Gum Arabic): a nutritional fibre; metabolism and calorific value, Food Addit Contam.
50, and Volumizing Clay Conditioner, pounds 17, contain acacia gum and kaolin clay to make hair look and feel thicker and fuller.
QUICK FIBRE gives a nutritional "added value" to snacks, cereal or fruit bars, dietary confectionery while offering the outstanding process-performing properties of natural acacia gum.
Potassium bisulphate, polyvinyl-polypyrrolidine and acacia gum go into many wines.
When a drought in Africa made it hard for manufacturers to get the acacia gum used to hold tablets together, they switched to a more acidic gelatin, which, when mixed with calcium carbonate, made something resembling cement.
The announcement detailed that written regulations now allow for higher maximum usage levels of acacia gum permitted in products, and also include distinctions allowing for even greater use of acacia gum.
Agar (gracilaria and gelidium), alginates (sodium alginates and propylene glycol alginates), acacia gum (Senegal/Hashab and Seyal/Talha gum arabic), carrageenan (refined and semi-refined), cassia tora, carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC), gelatin, gellan, guar, locust bean gum, methyl cellulose, hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose (MC & HPMC), micro-crystalline cellulose (MCC), pectin (high methoxyl - HM and low methoxyl - LM), starches (native and modified), tara gum and xanthan gum.
EQUACIA combines the health aspects of acacia gum (strong prebiotic effects from 6 g/day and the potential ability to reduce blood glycemia) with the well-known positive effects of insoluble fibres on transit regulation.
The acacia gum (gum arabic) market has stabilized and pricing is now very attractive vs.