Acacia dealbata

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evergreen Australasian tree having white or silvery bark and young leaves and yellow flowers

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polyanthemos, Pomaderris aspera, Elaeocarpus reticulatus, Hakea eriantha, Acacia dealbata, A.
3 [per thousand] used for Acacia dealbata by May and Attiwill (2003).
May BM, Attiwill PM (2003) Nitrogen-fixation by Acacia dealbata and changes in soil properties 5 years after mechanical disturbance or slash-burning following timber harvest.
Supplied as a large 50cm pot grown plant you can purchase this fragrant Mimosa Acacia Dealbata for just pounds 10.
ITS brother, Acacia dealbata, usualy turns up in posh florist shops after Christmas and is, strangely enough, popularly called Florist's Mimosa.
The flowers in the tropics are bright and a an ented s in early flamboyant so I'd also choose evergreens with zingy flowers such as Acacia dealbata which puts on an amazing display of fluffy scented bright yellow pom-poms in early spring and Passiflora with its intricate purple blossoms to crawl up the walls.
For a single specimen that grows fast but doesn't get too big, try one of my very favourites, Acacia dealbata, false Mimosa.
ACACIA DEALBATA This week as I walked the dogs along Bray seafront in County Wicklow, the most glorious specimen stood in a shaft of sunlight - thousands of fragrant, yellow powdery pompoms inviting enchantment.
Acacia dealbata, otherwise known as mimosa, is an under-used, wonderfully exotic looking tree.
Another great evergreen is the Acacia dealbata tree, which has fern-like silvery-green foliage that floats on the wind and bears fragrant, yellow, tuft-like flowers in the late winter and spring.
A favourite of mine would be Acacia dealbata, the mimosa tree.