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Anacahuita Diospyros texana Scheele Chapote blanco Acacia berlandieri Benth.
Aca rig Leguminosae Acacia berlandieri Benth Aca ber Leguminosae Fraxinus greggii A.
Shrubby vegetation in this area is dominated by species such as Acacia rigidula (blackbush), Acacia berlandieri, Cordia boissieri, Pithecellobium pallens, Celtis pallid (Hackberry), Porlieria angustifolia (soapbrush)and Cercidium macrum.
Acacia berlandieri Benth, 1842 (Fabaceae), commonly known as guajillo, is a small to medium size shrub distributed from Mexico to the southwest of the United States in Texas (Hatch and Pluhar 1993).
If scorpions are foraging in vegetation, then scorpions can be searching for prey found only in vegetation (e.g., lepidopteran caterpillars) and should prefer vegetation with high availability of these prey such as blackbrush (Acacia rigidula) and guajillo (Acacia berlandieri).
-- Branch elongation was compared among four Acacia species (Acacia berlandieri, A.