Acacia auriculiformis

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Australian tree that yields tanning materials


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Kasongo RK, Van Ranst E, Verdoodt A, Kanyankagote P, Baert G (2009) Impact of Acacia auriculiformis on the chemical fertility of sandy soils on the Bateke plateau, D.
The Acacia auriculiformis plantation plots were established in 1986 and 1987 after the original evergreen forest was subjected to slash-and-burn shifting cultivation (Kaeoniam et al.
Others include Acacia koala, Acacia famesiana, Acacia con fusa, Acacia mearnsii, Acacia melanoxylon and Acacia auriculiformis.
Integrative evaluation of rehabilitative effects of Acacia auriculiformis on degraded soil.
We already enjoy Acacia auriculiformis and Acacia holoserica, each with bright yellow catkin-like flower tassels.
The project expects to achieve 30 ha of plantations of Acacia auriculiformis as a sustainable alternative to Shea to satisfy the energy needs of the population.