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father of the gods and consort of Tiamat

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Drawing inspiration from the ancient Sumerian word Abzu, the name given to what the Sumerians believed the ocean truly was -- a body capable of providing not just life, but wisdom, to the world, a belief that was the core of their 'cosmic ocean' philosophy, that the ocean is the primary source of all life on this planet.
(21) She may have been known as Abzu, who was a siren in more ancient per sonifications.
Green, who has farmed all his life, has 25 horses (and 300 sheep) at his Mellouise Stud, including "seven or eight" mares, and a resident stallion, Abzu, whom he purchased for 2,200gns - "the dearest horse I've ever bought" - who was unraced for Luca Cumani, but who has a blue-blooded pedigree.
Scholars of ancient civilizations, as well as beer geeks, know that the Sumerians worshiped a goddess of brewing named Ninkasi, daughter of Enki, the lord Nudimmud, and Ninti, the queen of the Abzu.
In Mesopotamian belief, the fresh waters that kept the Earth alive, and also overwhelmed it in flood, belonged to the abzu, a vast subterranean reservoir.
Enki lived near the ancient city of Eridu in his watery palace in the Abzu -- probably the Persian Gulf.
Teithwyr Where and when: Part of a double bill with ABZU in Dora Stoutzker Hall, on Sunday, May 6 at 2pm.
As a publisher, 505 Games has helped produce a mix of well-known indie and mass market games like the diving adventure Abzu and the multiplayer automotive/sports game Rocket League.
The first gods were Apsu (see Abzu ) and his wife, Tiamat, personifications respectively of the fresh and salt waters.
The Abzu seems almost identical with the Greek Oceanus, the " river of ocean.
Tales From The Borderlands is paired with the 2016 title Abzu. You play as a female diver and explore a variety of deeply detailed and lush ocean environments in a wide-ranging adventure.