Abyssinian cat

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a small slender short-haired breed of African origin having brownish fur with a reddish undercoat

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Abyssinian cats with inherited rod-cone degeneration (rdAc model) are used as a model for studying retinal therapeutics [154, 155].
Today the 11-year-old regularly competes and wins on the cat show circuit, where she not only looks judges in the eye, but speaks easily about the characteristics of Night Star, her prized Abyssinian cat.
It's Marilyn the fawn Abyssinian cat. She belongs to Maggie Horner of Norton; WORKING sheepdog Shey belongs to Brian and Denise Morton of Redcar
"I came here because the possibilities are greater - the English adore their pets," says Kurt, who has two young sons, Thomas, five, and Lewis, 2 1/2, plus an 11-year-old Abyssinian cat called Guss.
At 53, the flame-haired, black-pleather-wearing Streb--three parts muscle and sinew, one part hair mousse (to keep her fauxhawk haircut energized)--lives in a downtown New York loft with an Abyssinian cat (on permanent rat patrol) and the feminist journalist Laura Flanders.