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The Abyssinia that Bruce travelled through was in the grip of a civil war, between clans loyal to the Emperor and the Galla tribe of the south.
I call mine a contribution, because it is just a hundred years since Bruce, a greater traveller than any of us, visited Abyssinia, and having discovered the sources of the Blue Nile, he thought he had solved the ancient problem.
The family left Abyssinia in 1919, eventually taking rooms in Brighton, near young Wilfred's preparatory school.
With its people inheriting a civilisation as old as that of Egypt, and a Christian faith dating back to the 4th century AD, Abyssinia resembled no other country in Africa or anywhere else.
CIRCUS ABYSSINIA - ETHIOPIAN DREAMS @ UNDERBELLY CIRCUS HUB ON THE MEADOWS Circus acts can be hit and miss, and often we've seen it all before.
Philip Layard, an apprentice to a doctor on the battlefield of present-day Ethiopia, becomes the guardian of Prince Alamayou of Abyssinia.
UNDERBELLY CIRCUS HUB CIRCUS ABYSSINIA MEADOWS THIS year, even Edinburgh's Meadows park has been taken over by the Fringe.
He said this celebration was a sign of warm welcome accorded to the holder of the spiritual authority, which takes care of millions of Copts in Egypt, Sudan, Libya and Abyssinia.
Thousands of years-old traditional establishment, religious, cultural and political, was tested by the unwavering rise of various Islamic sultanates in-and-around Abyssinia.
He was joined on the Hijra by many followers traveling north to what was then Abyssinia, where they could safely practice their religion.
The MWL secretary general said Saudi Arabia has enjoyed a close relationship with the African continent since the first migration of Muslims to Abyssinia during the lifetime of the Prophet (peace be upon him).
Great Abyssinia said it plans 500 million Birr investment to expand its existing production facilities of soft drinks as well as juice beverages in Ethiopia.
The representative of the Ethiopian Islamic Council, Sheikh Mohamed Amin Jamal, referred in an address he gave to the Hadeeth (statement) of Prophet Mohamed (Peace be Upon Him) that Abyssinia was a land of belief and his call on his Sahaba (companions) to immigrate to Abyssinia when the infidels have intensified their hostilities against them.
Even the Prophet Muhammad in his time encouraged dialogue with followers and leaders of other religions," he said, noting that the prophet's companions also had fruitful exchanges with a famous Christian king, the Negus of Abyssinia.
In addition, a number of films and documentaries were also sent from Rome to Egypt while Radio Bari began daily broadcasts defending Italy's invasion of Abyssinia while criticizing Britain.