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Also performing will be members of Circus Abyssinia, local circus performers and young musicians from Sistema Cymru - Codi'r To and Band Jazz Tryfan, all led by Pontio's youth participation programme, BLAS.
1935: Italian forces invaded Abyssinia after Mussolini's bombers pounded border towns.
Shell recounts how children in Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) were enslaved during the late 1880s and loaded on ships bound for Arabia, and how two of the ships were intercepted by the British Navy, the children were taken to a Free Church of Scotland mission in Aden, and eventually 64 of them were taken to Scottish missionaries at the Lovedale Institution in South Africa.
You'll find Thang's Family Restaurant, Rakhapura Mutee & Sushi, Kiosko Latino, Abyssinia Ethiopian Cuisine, Nine & Night, M Asian Halalk Food, Gourmet Lao Foods, 007 Chinese Food, and Wa Wa Asian Snacks.
Our front page told of the "magnificent work" of British troops in North and East Africa who were forcing "the Italians to fight on three fronts" in Libya, Sudan and Abyssinia.
They allegedly stole $191,978 from the $412,775 Greater Abyssinia Federal Credit Union between 2012 and 2015, which was chartered in 1959 to serve members of the Greater Abyssina Baptist Church in Cleveland.
Philip Layard, an apprentice to a doctor on the battlefield of present-day Ethiopia, becomes the guardian of Prince Alamayou of Abyssinia. Both men are black, and although they're very different, they are treated as equals by Victorian culture.
CIRCUS ABYSSINIA - ETHIOPIAN DREAMS @ UNDERBELLY CIRCUS HUB ON THE MEADOWS Circus acts can be hit and miss, and often we've seen it all before.
UNDERBELLY CIRCUS HUB CIRCUS ABYSSINIA MEADOWS THIS year, even Edinburgh's Meadows park has been taken over by the Fringe.
He said this celebration was a sign of warm welcome accorded to the holder of the spiritual authority, which takes care of millions of Copts in Egypt, Sudan, Libya and Abyssinia. "This welcome is a right that is compelled by Arab bonds which we (Kuwait) share with Egypt," he said.
Thousands of years-old traditional establishment, religious, cultural and political, was tested by the unwavering rise of various Islamic sultanates in-and-around Abyssinia. The most aggressive move, however, came from the Sultanate of Adal.
He was joined on the Hijra by many followers traveling north to what was then Abyssinia, where they could safely practice their religion.
The MWL secretary general said Saudi Arabia has enjoyed a close relationship with the African continent since the first migration of Muslims to Abyssinia during the lifetime of the Prophet (peace be upon him).
The representative of the Ethiopian Islamic Council, Sheikh Mohamed Amin Jamal, referred in an address he gave to the Hadeeth (statement) of Prophet Mohamed (Peace be Upon Him) that Abyssinia was a land of belief and his call on his Sahaba (companions) to immigrate to Abyssinia when the infidels have intensified their hostilities against them.